Understanding BB CC and DD Creams

So, BB and CC creams and foundation are finally coming to American! However, a lot of us are clueless to what they even do, we questioning why we are inducting letters of the alphabet into makeup. What the heck is up with this ABC's cream?
Well, we have done the math and we are going to break it down for you. Finally you'll be able to understand BB and Cream cream/Foundation.

Where did they come from?
Well, popular in Asian before coming to America. They are a Asian import, and because it's the tread to have lighter skin in Asian these baby are package full of SPF! Which is actually a great thing, nothing agings you more the the sun. (Expect for drugs, lol! Drugs can reaaallly age you.)

The ABC's of BB, CC, and DD Creams...

BB creams are built with need benefits for the skins health. Stands for a number of thing like Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. Made from dermatologist original to treat individual after having laser treatment done. That means, it claims to have the benefits of serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. A lot like a tinted moisturizer, they leave a dewy finish. I would not recommend it's for oily skin unless advised on the product.

CC creams they offer color correction. They help in coloring redness or skin discoloration. First made in Korea. They are a lot like BB product how ever they offer the treatment of color correction, from sun damage or acne scars.
These are best for people with problematic skin, like acne or oily skin. They leave a matte finish.

DD Cream are for Dynamic Do-All, kind of a hybrid between the two. They however have the added ingredients to fight aging!
Somewhat dewy in finish.

These are to type of light makeup I love to use in a hurry, where all the product are combine, so I save time. The aren't great for someone try to really cover up something. They are like tinted moisturizers, kinda of sheer to light coverage. Every brand is different so one ABC cream, maybe different from the other.

-Best of Luck
Kiki Owens

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