What not to wear: JUST SAY NO!

These are fashion fads that have served their time in the fashion world and now it's time to let them go. These are a simple list of the fashion trends to retire, feel free to add your own below in the comments!

First off: Stiletto Nails, honestly I never liked this trend to start with. I always thought they were too long and too sharp. I guess now there are a lot of other people catching on. All it took was a couple stabs at the person you love and you guys are getting over them, too.

Then there is: Harem Pant, yet again a fashion trend that missed me. I couldn't understand why people would want to look like they went number 2 in their pants. "Ouch!" I know I hurt someones feeling out there, but come on. They look like someone is wear a pair of Depends under there.

Just wait: Short Suits, is it cold or hot? Did you get that suit 1/3 off the price? These suits send mixed signals.

Oh, hold on. I am not done: Flat Form Shoes, They weren't that bad. I mean they add height, and they can be somewhat cute. However, their time has past.

Lastly: Shoulder Pads, Lady "someone" has brought them back and I wish she hadn't. These things were around doing my mom and dad time, why are they back again? They didn't look good on them the don't look good on you!

I know that maybe have been hard on some of you, but it's time to let these fads go.

Thanks for the read,

Kiki Owens