Acne Scars: The Aftermath of Acne

As if suffering from acne wasn't the worst, now you have to live with these horrible reminders are these scars! Don't worry you're not alone millions of people suffer from acne scars. However, depending on the type of scar, there might be help. There are many different treatments for scarring, the idea is to classify what type of scar you have and what is the best method for treatment.

*Everyone skin reacts differently to treatment, it's a risk. With that, being said you should talk with your dermatologist/doctor before embarking on any self treatment, you could making the problem worst if you don't know what you are doing. Again, lol! I am not a doctor, so please talk with your doctor first. Any risk you take is your own. :0

First, we must understand what causes acne scars happen. Well, it's can come from picking, popping, and extracting a zit. It can be caused from cystic acne, where the acne is in deeper layer of the skin. Acne Scars cause a loss of collagen to a certain area that is why they are depressed (sometimes scar tissue and collagen will over produce causing raised scars). There are also the dark spot left from acne. Dark marks are superficial acne scars, which occurs in the upper layer of skin.

What you can do to prevent them? Prevent is the best method, for treatment of acne scars, stop them before they occur.
Invest in a good skin care routine, wash your skin twice a day, drink lots of water and buy makeup/products that will not irritate the skin. Also, take you vitamin! Great skin vitamins like A, E, and C!

What types of scars are there? Well, there are Ice Pick, Boxcar, Rolling, Keloid and Dark Mark scars.
Ice Picks are thin and look as though they were cause from Ice Pick. Boxcar scars give the skin a pitted and are wider than ice pick. Rolling cause a almost wavy appearance. Keloid scar are raised from the skin. Dark marks are just as they sound dark marks or hyper pigmentation.

Things that work for the treatment of acne scars, Dermaroller , TCA peel, laser skin resurfacing, and subcision. Scar fade cream life skin lighter/fade cream works for dark marks. The results will vary depending on the type of scar and the treatment.

The Dermaroller works great and has even been on some T.V shows. The main idea of the dermal roller is that it will help produce new cell growth and break up old scar tissue. Dermarolling is the needling of skin with a roller. It can be a little painful and of course there will be blood. The results may vary, but for the cost of the Dermaroller is cost and over time the Dermaroller can have results. The type of scar it improves is box scar, and rolling.

TCA peel is a chemical peel that chemical burns the outer layer of skin to increase cell produce and increase collagen production. There is a downtime for a chemical from week to two week you may not want to be seen in public do to the peeling of skin. TCA is the deepest peel that a individual can do, as far as my knowledge. It works well for dark marks, as well as some box scars. There are at home treatment of chemical peel, however these peels can severely damage your skin if not do properly!!

Laser skin resurfacing resurfaces that skin, it’s pricy (around 2,000 USD) and there is home way to do it at home. This must be done by a trained professional. Its very effect treatment of acne scars, The down time is more then any other treatment, listed above. With Laser skins resurfacing you are going to see the most change.

Scar subcision cuts out the scar and allows it the area to heal in a control way. It gets rid of really damaged skin. It a revision of a scar, that has occurred from acne. It may leave a line like scar. The price range varies based on the number scar of scar that the individual has. Must be one by a professional!!

Lastly, is lighting cream or fade cream which is good for dark marks and evening out skin tone. It can also been used for evening out skin tone. The cost of these products is fairly low and there are a wide range of different products.

I wish you all the best of luck! I wish that everyone had flawless skin, didn't have to going though acne and be haunted with scars. It’s a part of life. I hope that some of the information above will help some of you in your fight against acne scars.
-Kiki Owens