Plastic Surgery Overseas

http://nydn.us/PcSvEDRead This a link from NY Daily News a story about a young blogger who under went plastic surgery, in the Dominican Republic and sadly lost her life. She left behind a young child.. :(

Be careful, if you want to get plastic surgery! I am fine with people wanting to change their appearance it's their body, face or whatever. However, I want people to be safe. There is always a risk, I repeat always a risk, when getting any surgery. Any doctor that tells you otherwise, "Hmmmppt!" to them! Also, good doctors cut down the risk, but there is always a risk.

If you decide to go overseas for a plastic surgery to save money you might end up losing your life. Cosmetic Surgery is not a place to be cheap on. There are many reasons why it costs, what it cost. Fees like going under, garmets, new needles, malpractice insurance... and so on.

Medical tourism is become more and more popular. There are a lot of people that are willing to go overseas to get work done. Some people it works out great for and, others it doesn't. Don't get me wrong, I am not complete against going overseas. The individual just need to there is a greater risk.

Furthermore, the standards of that Country might not be the same as the you are from country. You have to do your research and then some. The internet is a very tricky thing. Someone could very easily say, "Hey, guys I am John, a doctor with my license though so and so... I have been doing this for ... amount of years and have hundreds of reviews and great feedback. " When the truth is John is not a doctor and all his friends, family and hired people post theses fake reviews. That's the internet, it has more lies than truth. You have to put together the facts with the fiction you are given and make the best decision you can, your life depends on it.

There are agencies that you can call and get facts from like the American Board of Plastic. Where you can call and ask in your doctor is licensed in America. Also, get an adequate medical evaluationbefore a  procedure in the Country you are from. Perhaps from your family doctor who already knows all of your medical information/history. There are so many other things that you can do too if you are looking into getting work done overseas.

Just be careful!! It's is so sad what happened to that young blogger, don't let it happen to you. Let her story be a warning.

Kiki Owens