Pastel Hair, Sweeter than Bubble Gum!

"Look there it's a mermaid, no a super hero! No wait it's an anime cartoon!" Noopppe! It's just the new hair tread hitting the scene. Pastel hair, the unique expression of cartoon washed generations. Pastel has actual been around for a while, but thanks to site like pin-interest it's getting pretty popular. With all that popularity people are asking themselves, “How do I get that look?” Well, follow this post and you will get that pastel look.

Firstly, decide on a design look and stick with it. Do you want an allover color, a multicolored like perhaps rainbow-y, dipped look or a simple ombre? Search out some pastel looks on pin interest for inspiring. It’s important to get down what colors you want, the areas you want pastel and how it will look with your haircut.
Next, it’s important to note that pastel color hair requires a bit more maintain then "Normal color Hair." The color doesn't last as long and every time you wash it, your hair will be light. If you uses a lot of colors the time for maintain will also go up.

(Skip if you are already a blond or light brown) Then, there is hair bleaching!! It’s very, very important to note with any hair bleach comes damage! Something you need to think about, is my hair in health enough conditioner to bleach? How much bleaching will be require in getting that color look, and more importantly is it worth it? If you answer yes, let us move forward to bleaching.

*First insider beauty tip: when bleaching hair it’s less damaging to do it over time.

Depending on the look you want depends on how much bleaching and dying you are going to do. If you want pastel hair color as you base you would of course bleach all the hair. Or do a couple bleach washes. Only lift the area you want pastel if you are doing an ombre for example isn't necessary to bleach the whole hair. If you have darker hair you may require more bleaching. In order to achieve a pastel color you may need to lift your hair color.
The easy way to think of hair developer is 1 level for every 10. For example 30 volume developers lift 3 hair color levels, 20 lifts 2. Unless your hair is already blonde I’d use a 30 on the part you want your hair to be pastel. For darker hair, try to lift the color 3 levels. After lighting your hair you will want to deep condition it!! Lighting/lifting hair takes a lot out of the hair! I also suggest waiting a week or two before dye it with pastels.
*Insider beauty tip: You can dilute developer… who knew. If you buy 40 half distill water is 20. Mix well!
Hair bleach powder it's important not to be cheap, head on down to sally and go for the gold! The bleach power is important it actives that developer!

Think about toning the hair if you tone the hair the pastel color will really pop! If you want white hair the color will show up better. Toners will get rid of some of those yellow and orange tones lift from bleaching.

* Insider beauty tip: Purple kills orange! Choose a purple based toner! Toner – Wella’s “Lightest Ash Blonde” has a purple base and if great for getting rid of that orange look.

Let’s talk about some brands of color!! What are some brands include Panic Manic, Special Effects, Jamz, Pravana, and Directions. The brand of dye you choose is important. If you pick a cheap crappy dye your hair will look cheap and crappy. So, do your research, find a dye that you love that color and it last!

So, you have done all the basic now it’s time for the pastel!!! Yayyy. ^.^
1) Set up, dye, dye brush, foil for separating, old shirt, mixing bowl and white conditioner.
2) Mixing the dye with white conditioner until desired pastel color is achieved. It’s a nice idea to test the color on a white sheet of paper.
3) Paint the hair! Make sure that stain it soaked!
4) Wait suggested time to an hour
5) And style and enjoy!

Best of Luck
-Kiki Owens

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Online Clothing Sites that won't Break the Bank!

Shopping on a budget can be hard, but if you can find the right sites you can come out with a total haul. These are some of my personal favorites for the shopper on the fixed budget. This is a build-able list. So, if you know some great finds, please share! Comment below!

1. http://www.599fashion.com The first is 5.99 Fashion the site offers clothes at the low price of 5.99 and below. 5.99 Fashion is great for anyone try to add some casual clothes to their wardrobe.

2. http://www.10dollarmall.com The Next is 10 dollar mall. This site has some great hidden gems.

3. http://www.modaxpressonline.com/index.asp The next is Moda Xpress. They have some really great clothes for anyone looking to add a little flash.

4. http://www.loveculture.com loveculture is like forever21!

5. http://www.dhstyles.com dhstyles Has some great tops.

6.http://www.boohoo.com boohoo

7. www.heavenlycouture.com Heavenly Couture 16 dollars or less... Need I say more?

8. pinkbasis http://www.pinkbasis.com They have some great deals

9. http://www.sammydress.com Sammy Dress, love good buys, however be very course of the sizes they are more for the petite. It short the sizes run small even the xlarge!

10. http://www.Forever21.com Forever21 is a classic depending on what you buy you could be getting more bang for your buck. Hint check on the style deals!

11. http://www.Tobi.com Tobi You have to check them out.

12. http://mode-5.com A little pricey, but still great. Is Mode-5

Ever growing list, expand the list... leave a comment with your favorite clothing deal site below!

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Are You Superbowl Makeup Ready?

The Superbowl is a great way to socialize with your guy or even better a chance to meet someone for all you single ladies out there. However, if you don't have the right look there is noway that you can ever draw the guys eyes away from the tv.
So, what are some great ways to get the Superbowl ready look?
1. Get the team Jersey and pair it with a great pair of jeans! If you get afford one of those price Jersey, try team colors. - The Bronco are Orange and Blue & the Seahawks are Bright green, Blue, Silver. Match them with a great pair of Sneakers and you are ready.
2.Hair Style Tips
-Seek back curly ponytail
-Braided mini pony

3. Bronco colors are known for Denver Sunrises, making it a great eye shadow look Seahawks comes from team's logo was a stylized royal blue and forest green hawk's head based on Northwestern Native American art. A pop art eye-shadow look might be a great look just don't go overboard that green sure is bright. A nude/Pale pink lip will ready make that eye-shadow pop!

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Lasting Impression with Signature Perfume

There are five sense to the human body.

Sight Taste Smell Touch Hearing

Each of these is important in identifying individuals. Four of these senses has an effect on how you are viewed when first meeting (Excluded taste, because who just lip locks with a stranger!XD) But sometimes, the sense of smell is taking for granted. This is a gross disservice, because a scent can linger in a room "waaay" after your gone making your present felt. Signature perfume is great for misting over items left at your boyfriends house, letters, so love ones can think about you even when your aren't around.

Fun fact: The perfume you wear can have a psychological impacted on the way you are viewed. Like at a job interview say perhaps the interviews ex-wife wears the perfume you’re wearing. The smell might bring up old feels of negative, and affect your chances of getting that job.
So, let’s learn how to make your own scent!
Simple perfume :

Top 4 Drops Orange essential oil
Middle 1 Drop Rosemary essential oil essential oil
Base 2 drops Rose essential oil

Top 3 Drop essential oil
Middle 2 Grapefruit Drop Chamomile essential oil
Base 1 Drop Myrrh essential oil

Top 5 drops Grapefruit essential oil
Middle 3 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil
Base 1 drop Eucalyptus essential oil

Basic ingredients:
2-1/2 ounces alcohol or vodka depending on the size of the perfume
Tablespoons Bottled water or distilled water. The more you dilute the oils and alcohol the lighter the smell will be. Glass bottle or Perfume bottle

Notes in perfume: Essential oils evaporate at different times, thus smelling different over time as you wear it. The base is the heavy-est the one that last the longest, then there is the middle and the top.

More information Links http://www.essentialoils.co.za/fragrance-notes.htm http://www.fragrantica.com/search/

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Homemade Skin Care Oils and Masks

There are several homemade masks and oils that can help care for the skin. These are some of the homemade recipes that can aid with skin care. With any change in your skin care routine you want to wait and see the results, everyone’s skin is different. In addition, I wouldn't mix these products together no telling what could happen. Try one and wait go from there. Furthermore, I am not a dermatologist every skin type is different, I am just sharing what works for me and my experiences.
Is that a zit or a small hill?
Zit Zapper Oils
Tea Tree Oil
Used as a spot treatment. Why it works? Draws out the Inflammation and Dries it out. Be careful it can burn! Small amounts go a long way!
Castor Oil
Leaving it on overnight as a spot treatment. Why it works? Castor oil can help decreases the pain and inflammation associated with acne.
Hit the kitchen?
Baking Soda Skin Detox
Used as a light mask. Why it works? Helps with redness and swelling also dries out acne, loosen blackheads. Be careful burning and Skin pH balance! Also use way little pressure too much may cause damage.
Dap a bit on and draw out the acne. Why it works? Using vinegar on skin can bring out deep acne and aid in clearing it up. Most people dilute it with water due to the smell and burning.
Epsom Salts
Mix with warm water and soak wash cloth. Place the washcloth on face for several mins. Let sit overnight and wash off in morning.

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