Low Cost Makeup: To Build a Starter Kit

These are some great brands of makeup offered at a low cost to starting building up your makeup collection. These are all brands I have tried, and like for certain things. These are the brands to look for if you are on a budget or just starting out.

1. E.L.F

e.l.f stands for Eyes, Lips and face. There fairly low in cost, and great for younger individuals just starting to get into makeup. I love e.l.f for it's low cost, at $1 to $40 dollars at the most there makeup is afford to almost everyone. One of the product line that I like from e.l.f is the Professional line, which cost a little more, but is still a steal.

The downside is that e.l.f makeup can sometimes lack in quality. Yes, they are offered at crazy low price, but it does come at a cost. Don't think that these products are high end they aren't. You have to invest extra care with them, so that they last. On the upside in my opinion with how much they cost, they are the best at their price.

2. BH cosmetics

If you don't know about BH cosmetic by now, where have you been? Honestly? Their eye-shadow pallets have been the highlight of so many youtube videos. Don't worry though, I am here to educated you. Their 120 palette for eye shadow is affordable and great for multicolored look. With over 120 colors their is so many different looks that you can create. And for that I love them.

3. NYX

4. Wet & Wild
Who hasn't used a 99 cent, eye liner pencil from Wet & Wild? Need I say more? >.< 5. Jordana
I used to wear there lipsticks in high school. For myself they are hit and miss, but still pretty descent starting out.

6. Rimmel
I like their loose powders.

7. Maybelline
Mascaras are the best! They have a large line of products, that can be found in drug stores.

How to get low cost makeup to last?

1. Primer! It's a wonderful thing, try not to be cheap a it, if you are cheap on primer it shows!
If you primer you eyes eye try to use a NYX Jumbo stick, it will help the colors pop.
2. Setting spray... Makes it last long though out the day.
3. Care for the products. So, they last longer in shelf life.

Where to Shop


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Nail Biting: How to Stop it!

I know what it's like, I suffered for a long time with nail biting. There is a lot of ways to help this problem, but first you must make a commit to stop. For me biting my nails was something, I started doing as a kid and just never stop, I tried to stop many times... but could hold to it. Until, recently.

These tips and advice really help me, I hope they help you!
1. Get fake nails, the limit the access to your real nails... Giving them a chance to grow.

2. Wear gloves, like getting fake nails the limit the access to your own real nails and in addition keep you from seeing your real nails. Which might be a trigger to start biting them.

3. Paint them with a nail polish with a bitter taste like "Thum Thum Anti-Thumb Sucking & Nail Biting Liquid." It doesn't have to be these brands, there are a number of bitter nail polish out there. They let you know when you put your nails in your mouth, so you can stop. Truth be told if you keep biting them though the bitter taste after abit it won't bother you, so stop when you notice!

4. Chew on something else like a Bamboo Skewer, but you don't want to eat them... of course. Just lightly chew on them. Or safer, yet. Try candy or gum.

5. Rubber band around your wrist to pluck every time your fingers are in your mouth.

6. Make a list of reasons you want to don't, they will help with you commit to stop.
Do you want to stop so you can paint your nails? Do you want to stop, because you realize the nasty germs, that live under you nails?

You must commit to stopping these things will only help, if you have the willpower to stop.
If the list method above don't work. And you feel as though the nail biting is out of control. The next thing you might want to do is seek help, you might have Onychophagia a form of OCD.

I wish you the best of luck,

Kiki Owens

10 Things about Red Hair

10 Things About Red Hair

1. It bleeds and bleeds
Red, Hair dye will run and bleed. It will get on your clothes, in your bath tub and pretty much anything else it comes in contact with. Depend on what shade you dye your hair and with what type of dye, has an affect on how much it bleeds.

2. You don't always have to bleach your hair first.
There are dyes that you can use to get bright-ish red hair without bleaching the hair first. Like L'Oreal Hi Color. These are great, because you save yourself some damage.

3. You need to invest in proper conditioners and shampoos
There are C&S made for just red hair. These C&S will help the color last and keep the hair healthier. Also, try not to watch your hair as much, every time you wash your hair the color fades.

4. Red hair requires a lot of up keep
You might be needing to dye your hair red, two times a month and I am not just talking about just the roots. The hair color will become dull. You are going to have to process your hair a lot if you want to keep that color fresh.

5. It's hard to get red hair dye out of your hair.
If you decide red hair isn't working for you anymore, good luck getting it out of your hair! There is a lot of struggle in getting red hair dye out.

6. Protein fillers are your friends.
They let you color you hair evenly. It helps seal the color which means less coloring.

7. Different Shades work for different shade tones.
Explore the different shades of red, there isn't just one color fits all, have fun and look up some great color online.

8. You might want to fill in your brows.
Filling in the brows with a redish/brown is a great idea. After all not everyone can pull off black brows with red hair.

9. If you like red hair, but aren't sure if it's for you.
Try out a red wig, there are some great places you can get wigs online from.

10. Lastly, Be very care where you get the dye, when dyeing your hair.
Red hair dye is one of the hardest to get out! Beware. You don't want your bathroom to look like a murder took place there.


Beauty Boxes

So, there are a number of beauty boxes emerging onto the consumer scene. What is the beauty box, well a beauty box is subscription box which normally you pay a monthly fee to receive beauty or makeup products. The prices range and so do the size production can be anyway from sample size, to full. I think a lot of that depends on what your monthly fee is. There is a large number of beauty box subscription out there. So, it's important to decide which subscription is the best for you. Different boxes also offer different product brands. Which is important in making a decision. There are also some companies that offer woman or men boxes. So, this is great for guys, too. Some Beauty Boxes offer skin type assessments, which is pretty nice. Some boxes even offer the option to skip out on a box if you aren't into the products for that month.

The pros, to a beauty box is that you get to try a number of products. There for Great for trying out new product.
The cons, small sizing, you don't get to pick the production. Most of the sizing for beauty boxes is trial or travel.

It's a great way for companies to target individual for promotions. You may be able to even try some new products before they hit the shelves. And fall in love with a new product.

These are some of the company for beauty boxes, but I am going to keep the list somewhat short, this is to give you an example of the differences in beauty boxes.

$10 a month
Beauty Profile for more customization. They also, send out a food product to try.
They offer Birchbox points for recommending other people.

Beauty Box 5
Mix of products
Variety of brands
Unable to customize boxes

Julep Maven
$20 a month
Nail polish
Style Profile
You can skip a month or sent it to a friend as a gift

And so much more... like Glossbox, Beautyarmy... the list goes on. There are even food boxes!

What you want to think about when decide on a Beauty Box Subscription
1. The cost of the subscription
2. Brands you like
3. Size of Product you want
4. Any extra you might want like Vegan products...?
5. Is it somewhat custom? Can you skip if you don't like what they are sending?

From the point of view of a blogger they are pretty great, but I like the flexibly of choosing my products by hand. I won't discredit some of the amazing blogger that are subscribed to getting boxes, but they are a little over play to be individual review, unless I got some amazing product that I loved. Then of course, I would share it with you!

Makeup Allusion Tricks!

Makeup Allusion Tricks! Yep, this are some of the best tricks you can do to give a total makeover.

White Eyeliner in the water line. Nothing makes the eyes look bigger.
You can than contour underneath the white line with a brown pencil or power.

Fake eye lashes are great for making the eyes really pop. Their are so many different ways that you can apply many to create a varied of different looks.

Highlight with a little white shimmery white power in the tear duct comers of your eyes and in cupids bow, the place under your nose where your lips dip.

Contouring and highlight, if you are a master at this, the makeup world is your for the taking. It depends on your face shape. It's great for different character transformation.

Highlight the corners of your eyes with a shimmer power, to achieve the doe eyed look.

Likewise you can use this same technique to highlight your cupids bow. This creates larger looking lips.

Circle lens, are contact lens, that enhance the eye. They can change the color, make the eye appearance bigger and even give that doll like look.

Brushes are so much better than your finger tips or makeup sponges. With the excision of the beauty blender of course.

The eyebrow make the face, have these baby done professional. It makes a huge different. Also, invest in a great power for filling them in.

Add a bit of shimmer to the middle part of your lid.

These are some great tricks are there are so many more to come this list is on going...


Weightloss: Corset Training

Corset Training does it work? Corsets come from the 1600's, however many people are starting to see the value in these garments are they are making a comeback. They can be very beneficial in shaping the waist and even can reducing inches off your waist. They are also create a more noticeable shape and great for posture, and curves. There is a woman name Cathie Jung, she is a extreme version of the corset training and the affects it can have on you waist. Miss Cathie Jung waist is 21 inches, personally way to small for my liking. However, it is a testament for the use of corset training.

Shape wear can provide better posture, less pressure on your back. Corset can also be great for helping support the back, like a back brace. If you have serious back issues corset training might be harmful, but for reliving extra stress off of you back they can be great. It's a great way a encourage proper body posture.

Raise and shape the breasts and pull back the shoulders. Although, it can shape the breast, my opinion is this is only when wearing the garment. Somewhat, like a bra.

So, there are many benefits to corset train. How do you get started? Well, you have to know what to look for, how long to wear it, dangers of corset training, and of course the care factor.

How long should I wear a Corset for:

Start off slow, 1 to 3 hours per day. This time frame allows for your body and corset to get use to each other.

If you are excising, don't wear the corset, it's not made for that.

Warning wear corset can cause some of the following problems
Wearing a corset shouldn't hurt, if it hurts it is too small. It should be uncomfortable.

There are some safety risk when wearing corsets, if you are thinking about extreme change talk it over with your doctor.

Rearranging internal organs and fat. Remember that the fat and organs have to move somewhere, so it is important to wear a corset correct. Or you'll end up with a muffin top.

Lacing tightly can seriously and over time for your ribs to be effected.

Corset don't take off weight, they rearrange it.

What to Buy:

Corset prices may vary, but really good corset can cost around 200-300 dollars. Ouch, right. However, the good thing about starting out is that you can start with a small investment and move up from there. Just don't buy thin, poorly made corsets. Or you aren't going to see benefit from it.

Corset is “heavily” constructed with steel boning, layers of fabric and heavy duty laces.

Buy a corset that laces up the sides or the front.

Corset that is 4 to 5 inches smaller than your actual waist measurement.

Extending Life of Corset:
Wear with a tight camisole/t-shirt underneath. Keeps it from sweat and body oils.

Air Dry your corset at the end of the day.

Alternate Corsets, because not would be like own only one bra and wearing it all the time. That's gross!

Cleaning. Follow the instruction from manufacturer.


YouTube Gurus and Blocking!

I was watching YouTube video and I was "inspired" to do a posting about youtube beauty gurus in their habit of blocking individuals or subscribers. I was really surprise to learn that some Gurus with more subscribers feel more inclined to block, what they view as "negative or unwanted comments and attention." I understand the whole no pesting/spam, but I believe people should be able to express themselves. Unless, they are giving you death threat... of course than, why not block someone crazy like that.

Personally as a newbie YouTuber and a Blogger, I feel as though the blocking isn't the best remedy use to achieving in changing views of that individuals. Truth, be told there is no "good way to change someone views." As a social media provider or individual you encounter people that opinions and views are completely different than your own. The way you choose to deal with these will change the way you are viewed and social media.

I feel like everybody's entitle to their own opinion, you know if you're doing this type of material you have to expect that you'll be judge. Because doing anything beauty like is open for judgement. Not everybody's benefit and not everyone is going to be like, "oh my gosh that eyeliner looks awesome You have most beautiful eyes." Some people's personal opinion and taste might impact the a response to your video. Like, "Her eyeliner, looks like crayon... I wouldn't do it like that!" Why did you block somebody for watching your video, for commenting on your video and for expressing their personal opinion. Youtubers blocking certain individuals for expressing their opinions. I can't stand it.

Personally, I feel like even though some comments receive maybe viewed as negative. I believe that they should be open for discussion. I don't think that I should filter out the content of my individual subscribers, because they aren't in agreements with my views. So, why do bigger gurus? Is it, because of the massive amount of comments they receive? That they just don't time time for it?

Like I said before, I do agree with them in blocking totally negative comments, aka death threats, and crap like that. Like things that are hurtful, but when it comes to open expression of opinion, I think that should be left in the community. Furthermore, with that being said, I understand that in YouTube, you have creative control over what your channel stands for. However, censorship peoples opinions is a bit much. If your channel is just to admire you, that's crap. Anyway, who were you before Youtube and how did your ego get so big, that no one can express themselves on your channel!

Furthermore, I believe that blocking an individual actually creates a worse situation than already out there. People feel like blocking is extreme way of treating a situation and is blocking somewhat aggressive. Why would a Gurus do that to a loyal subbie? I think it's better that we come up with personal solutions to these negative comments like yeah that's your opinion or something funny. Don't just block somebody, for something silly. Or better yet, just don't feed into it.

Lastly why, I think that this is kind a controversial, but I think that when you block the somebody, you know it makes them going a little rant, which in turns you know draws more people into your page think about it. People love drama. Plus, they board cast your channels name to all their subbies. But is this the reason why some beauty gurus "like" blocking, a way to draw people in. Things like this will only leave people hating your media, it's the cheapest way to get views. By controversy or negativity.

But if it works for Lady Gaga Eminem and Madonna, hey, it should work for you too. ^.^ P.S. I love <--- them! lol Do you think about of these blocking Gurus? Do you think that they should allow individuals to express their personal opinion? Do you think that this is a way to create controversy controversial expression in bring traffic to their site? Or you think this should be broken within the community or do you just not think anything at all? Post response below, Thank you! P.S I won't block you, if you don't agree. ;P Follow my blog with Bloglovin

BeautySelffish Introduction Youtube

Hey! This is the first of many Youtube video to come. Had to start off small, but over time there will be greatness! This is just one small leap into the world of Youtube!


Dating: Quailty of Relationships

What is the quality of relationship you are engaging in? What does your standards say about the way you allow yourself to be treated?

You set the standards for how to you are treated.
Don't let people in your life that rule over the way you feel you should be treated. If someone, doesn't treat you right, they don't need to be in your life. Setting personal barriers doesn't make you a bad person. Personal barriers are a way you set the standards for how you are treated. Personal barriers, protect people against resentment. Be no ones door mat, if you do, you will regret it later.

Why buy the cow when get the milk for free?
This is an old saying, but is true. If you give yourself away cheap, people aren't going to value you. I have never heard a story of a booty call turning in a happy marriage. Waiting helps build the foundation of a relationship... It helps in finding out if you are compatible with that person among other things.

The outer-ward appearance shouldn't be the most of you focus.
If all you do if focus on how you look and not education, personal development. You are not valuing you full potential. You can be the hottest woman in the room, but being hot isn't everything. You are just a really good looking steak, but we like steak to be flavorful, have texture, spice and be cook well. I would rather have a yummy steak, than one that just looks good. Yeah, I may try the good looking steak, but I won't order it again. The quality of relationship built on looks alone is a very shallow one, what is going to keep that person connected to you?


Likewise, dating a guy because he looked like this or that is just silly. Looks change, and what about personalty? It should only be 30% if that on to why you like a person. There should be depth in a relationship. This depth comes from communication, history, personally matching, like interests and goals.

The next one is sooooo Important!
Have a life you enjoy! Have things in you life that make you happy. Never depend on someone else for your happiness. Have hobbies, goals and dreams. Allow for that person to accompanying you on your journey. This will believe it or not make heartbreak have less of an impact.

Have a life that you can maintain!
Don't have a life were someone needs to save you, and don't invite someone that in your life that you need to save. Met someone on equal grounds as you. Don't required someone to have something that you don't. Let it be a perk. And if you want someone to have something you don't, go personal develop yourself, so you have it, too. Invest in yourself. Men like women that are strong and independent, that value themselves.

If all you want to do is lay up, all they are going to do is lay with you...
Get the hidden meaning it that? Don't be lazy and think someone is going to take care of you. If someone is trapped, they might take care of you, but they will not cherish you.


Dating: A List of Things...

1. Not every relationship is meant to last.

2. We learn and learn. The person you dated in high school might not be the person you fall in love with ten years later.

3. Don't give up on someone you love, because you might not get that chance again.

4. No one is perfect, this isn't Disney.

5. You can't change anyone they have to change themselves. You can inspired change though.

6. If a someone your dating hits you run for the hills. It's not healthy((it's not love)).

7. Actions are louder than words. This is such a strong saying... listen and apply it.

8. As we get older in life we learn more and grow more. You may not be ready for your soul mate, yet.

9. If someone treats you bad from the start it will only get worst as time goes on.

10. First impressions mean a lot.

Stylist: Landing That Job!

Are you going to interview, intern or just putting in application in person? Well if you are on the hunter for a new job or career, this is the perfect place to get the look for that job.

1. Wear some Neutral Colors
You can't go wrong with have simple neutral business attire clothes in your wardrobe. Like a pencil skirt, in a dark chocolate color or a blazer in a tan. This is not the time to look overly colorful. No peacocks need apply! Yes, they are beautiful, but very distracting. Neutral color can include, browns, black, navy blue or white.

2. Add pop with accent colors
This is for that personally add a pop of color. Make your clothes different from the dry suits around you. I like a belt, simple jacket or scarf. Or try some prints with your shirt.

3 Look Put together
Don't go to a interview with winkled colors or stained color look put together. Have your outfit cohesive. A cohesive outfit would be a outfit with sort of color scheme, silhouette and a theme (Which should be business.)

4. Neat Hair is the way to go
I prefer put up hair, honestly a bun or ponytail is a get way to go. You can add things like flipping your bang out or curling you ponytail. As, much as this saddens me... funky hair colors are taboo. :( Try and keep the hair somewhat natural looking... no neon colored hair or pastel. Unless you are trying to get a job where you know for a fact that it's ok.

5 Don't over spray Perfume
Over using perfume is a bad thing to do, what if the interview hates the smell of your perfume or dislike perfume in general.

6. Get those feet covered
No flip flops, open toe shoes or strapping heels. In addition, no stripper heels... Flats are great. If you wear heels think 2.5 and under.

7 Properly fitting clothes
Don't have your chest falling out, or muffin top. You look like you borrowed a suit from Honey boo boos' mama! A good fit is important. You don't want to have to be pulling up your pants every 2 mins. Likewise, even if you are in the best shape of your life, don't wear short dress or club wear to a interview. Just don't!

8 Business clothes
This is not spring break or Walmart. Look the part for the job, if you are apply to work at Forever 21 wear their business clothes to the interview or if you are apply to work at a office wear office like clothes.

9. Look like the best dressed person in the office
It might be their business causal day, but it's your interview day. They already have jobs you don't. Even if your best Gillian says, they dress like this blah, blah here.. dress better.

10. Jewelry
Don't wear to much. A necklace, earrings and a bracket/watch is the limit of amount of jewelry you want to wear. In addition facial piecing are taboo, depending on the job you are applying for. Don't wear something overly flashing, this is not the time to bling out do are poor and you need this job! *Finger snap.* So, keep the dangle, rhinestone and bedazzle to almost nothing.