Dating: A List of Things...

1. Not every relationship is meant to last.

2. We learn and learn. The person you dated in high school might not be the person you fall in love with ten years later.

3. Don't give up on someone you love, because you might not get that chance again.

4. No one is perfect, this isn't Disney.

5. You can't change anyone they have to change themselves. You can inspired change though.

6. If a someone your dating hits you run for the hills. It's not healthy((it's not love)).

7. Actions are louder than words. This is such a strong saying... listen and apply it.

8. As we get older in life we learn more and grow more. You may not be ready for your soul mate, yet.

9. If someone treats you bad from the start it will only get worst as time goes on.

10. First impressions mean a lot.