Dating: Quailty of Relationships

What is the quality of relationship you are engaging in? What does your standards say about the way you allow yourself to be treated?

You set the standards for how to you are treated.
Don't let people in your life that rule over the way you feel you should be treated. If someone, doesn't treat you right, they don't need to be in your life. Setting personal barriers doesn't make you a bad person. Personal barriers are a way you set the standards for how you are treated. Personal barriers, protect people against resentment. Be no ones door mat, if you do, you will regret it later.

Why buy the cow when get the milk for free?
This is an old saying, but is true. If you give yourself away cheap, people aren't going to value you. I have never heard a story of a booty call turning in a happy marriage. Waiting helps build the foundation of a relationship... It helps in finding out if you are compatible with that person among other things.

The outer-ward appearance shouldn't be the most of you focus.
If all you do if focus on how you look and not education, personal development. You are not valuing you full potential. You can be the hottest woman in the room, but being hot isn't everything. You are just a really good looking steak, but we like steak to be flavorful, have texture, spice and be cook well. I would rather have a yummy steak, than one that just looks good. Yeah, I may try the good looking steak, but I won't order it again. The quality of relationship built on looks alone is a very shallow one, what is going to keep that person connected to you?


Likewise, dating a guy because he looked like this or that is just silly. Looks change, and what about personalty? It should only be 30% if that on to why you like a person. There should be depth in a relationship. This depth comes from communication, history, personally matching, like interests and goals.

The next one is sooooo Important!
Have a life you enjoy! Have things in you life that make you happy. Never depend on someone else for your happiness. Have hobbies, goals and dreams. Allow for that person to accompanying you on your journey. This will believe it or not make heartbreak have less of an impact.

Have a life that you can maintain!
Don't have a life were someone needs to save you, and don't invite someone that in your life that you need to save. Met someone on equal grounds as you. Don't required someone to have something that you don't. Let it be a perk. And if you want someone to have something you don't, go personal develop yourself, so you have it, too. Invest in yourself. Men like women that are strong and independent, that value themselves.

If all you want to do is lay up, all they are going to do is lay with you...
Get the hidden meaning it that? Don't be lazy and think someone is going to take care of you. If someone is trapped, they might take care of you, but they will not cherish you.