10 Things about Red Hair

10 Things About Red Hair

1. It bleeds and bleeds
Red, Hair dye will run and bleed. It will get on your clothes, in your bath tub and pretty much anything else it comes in contact with. Depend on what shade you dye your hair and with what type of dye, has an affect on how much it bleeds.

2. You don't always have to bleach your hair first.
There are dyes that you can use to get bright-ish red hair without bleaching the hair first. Like L'Oreal Hi Color. These are great, because you save yourself some damage.

3. You need to invest in proper conditioners and shampoos
There are C&S made for just red hair. These C&S will help the color last and keep the hair healthier. Also, try not to watch your hair as much, every time you wash your hair the color fades.

4. Red hair requires a lot of up keep
You might be needing to dye your hair red, two times a month and I am not just talking about just the roots. The hair color will become dull. You are going to have to process your hair a lot if you want to keep that color fresh.

5. It's hard to get red hair dye out of your hair.
If you decide red hair isn't working for you anymore, good luck getting it out of your hair! There is a lot of struggle in getting red hair dye out.

6. Protein fillers are your friends.
They let you color you hair evenly. It helps seal the color which means less coloring.

7. Different Shades work for different shade tones.
Explore the different shades of red, there isn't just one color fits all, have fun and look up some great color online.

8. You might want to fill in your brows.
Filling in the brows with a redish/brown is a great idea. After all not everyone can pull off black brows with red hair.

9. If you like red hair, but aren't sure if it's for you.
Try out a red wig, there are some great places you can get wigs online from.

10. Lastly, Be very care where you get the dye, when dyeing your hair.
Red hair dye is one of the hardest to get out! Beware. You don't want your bathroom to look like a murder took place there.