Stylist: Landing That Job!

Are you going to interview, intern or just putting in application in person? Well if you are on the hunter for a new job or career, this is the perfect place to get the look for that job.

1. Wear some Neutral Colors
You can't go wrong with have simple neutral business attire clothes in your wardrobe. Like a pencil skirt, in a dark chocolate color or a blazer in a tan. This is not the time to look overly colorful. No peacocks need apply! Yes, they are beautiful, but very distracting. Neutral color can include, browns, black, navy blue or white.

2. Add pop with accent colors
This is for that personally add a pop of color. Make your clothes different from the dry suits around you. I like a belt, simple jacket or scarf. Or try some prints with your shirt.

3 Look Put together
Don't go to a interview with winkled colors or stained color look put together. Have your outfit cohesive. A cohesive outfit would be a outfit with sort of color scheme, silhouette and a theme (Which should be business.)

4. Neat Hair is the way to go
I prefer put up hair, honestly a bun or ponytail is a get way to go. You can add things like flipping your bang out or curling you ponytail. As, much as this saddens me... funky hair colors are taboo. :( Try and keep the hair somewhat natural looking... no neon colored hair or pastel. Unless you are trying to get a job where you know for a fact that it's ok.

5 Don't over spray Perfume
Over using perfume is a bad thing to do, what if the interview hates the smell of your perfume or dislike perfume in general.

6. Get those feet covered
No flip flops, open toe shoes or strapping heels. In addition, no stripper heels... Flats are great. If you wear heels think 2.5 and under.

7 Properly fitting clothes
Don't have your chest falling out, or muffin top. You look like you borrowed a suit from Honey boo boos' mama! A good fit is important. You don't want to have to be pulling up your pants every 2 mins. Likewise, even if you are in the best shape of your life, don't wear short dress or club wear to a interview. Just don't!

8 Business clothes
This is not spring break or Walmart. Look the part for the job, if you are apply to work at Forever 21 wear their business clothes to the interview or if you are apply to work at a office wear office like clothes.

9. Look like the best dressed person in the office
It might be their business causal day, but it's your interview day. They already have jobs you don't. Even if your best Gillian says, they dress like this blah, blah here.. dress better.

10. Jewelry
Don't wear to much. A necklace, earrings and a bracket/watch is the limit of amount of jewelry you want to wear. In addition facial piecing are taboo, depending on the job you are applying for. Don't wear something overly flashing, this is not the time to bling out do are poor and you need this job! *Finger snap.* So, keep the dangle, rhinestone and bedazzle to almost nothing.