Beauty Boxes

So, there are a number of beauty boxes emerging onto the consumer scene. What is the beauty box, well a beauty box is subscription box which normally you pay a monthly fee to receive beauty or makeup products. The prices range and so do the size production can be anyway from sample size, to full. I think a lot of that depends on what your monthly fee is. There is a large number of beauty box subscription out there. So, it's important to decide which subscription is the best for you. Different boxes also offer different product brands. Which is important in making a decision. There are also some companies that offer woman or men boxes. So, this is great for guys, too. Some Beauty Boxes offer skin type assessments, which is pretty nice. Some boxes even offer the option to skip out on a box if you aren't into the products for that month.

The pros, to a beauty box is that you get to try a number of products. There for Great for trying out new product.
The cons, small sizing, you don't get to pick the production. Most of the sizing for beauty boxes is trial or travel.

It's a great way for companies to target individual for promotions. You may be able to even try some new products before they hit the shelves. And fall in love with a new product.

These are some of the company for beauty boxes, but I am going to keep the list somewhat short, this is to give you an example of the differences in beauty boxes.

$10 a month
Beauty Profile for more customization. They also, send out a food product to try.
They offer Birchbox points for recommending other people.

Beauty Box 5
Mix of products
Variety of brands
Unable to customize boxes

Julep Maven
$20 a month
Nail polish
Style Profile
You can skip a month or sent it to a friend as a gift

And so much more... like Glossbox, Beautyarmy... the list goes on. There are even food boxes!

What you want to think about when decide on a Beauty Box Subscription
1. The cost of the subscription
2. Brands you like
3. Size of Product you want
4. Any extra you might want like Vegan products...?
5. Is it somewhat custom? Can you skip if you don't like what they are sending?

From the point of view of a blogger they are pretty great, but I like the flexibly of choosing my products by hand. I won't discredit some of the amazing blogger that are subscribed to getting boxes, but they are a little over play to be individual review, unless I got some amazing product that I loved. Then of course, I would share it with you!