What not to wear: JUST SAY NO!

These are fashion fads that have served their time in the fashion world and now it's time to let them go. These are a simple list of the fashion trends to retire, feel free to add your own below in the comments!

First off: Stiletto Nails, honestly I never liked this trend to start with. I always thought they were too long and too sharp. I guess now there are a lot of other people catching on. All it took was a couple stabs at the person you love and you guys are getting over them, too.

Then there is: Harem Pant, yet again a fashion trend that missed me. I couldn't understand why people would want to look like they went number 2 in their pants. "Ouch!" I know I hurt someones feeling out there, but come on. They look like someone is wear a pair of Depends under there.

Just wait: Short Suits, is it cold or hot? Did you get that suit 1/3 off the price? These suits send mixed signals.

Oh, hold on. I am not done: Flat Form Shoes, They weren't that bad. I mean they add height, and they can be somewhat cute. However, their time has past.

Lastly: Shoulder Pads, Lady "someone" has brought them back and I wish she hadn't. These things were around doing my mom and dad time, why are they back again? They didn't look good on them the don't look good on you!

I know that maybe have been hard on some of you, but it's time to let these fads go.

Thanks for the read,

Kiki Owens

Plastic Surgery Overseas

http://nydn.us/PcSvEDRead This a link from NY Daily News a story about a young blogger who under went plastic surgery, in the Dominican Republic and sadly lost her life. She left behind a young child.. :(

Be careful, if you want to get plastic surgery! I am fine with people wanting to change their appearance it's their body, face or whatever. However, I want people to be safe. There is always a risk, I repeat always a risk, when getting any surgery. Any doctor that tells you otherwise, "Hmmmppt!" to them! Also, good doctors cut down the risk, but there is always a risk.

If you decide to go overseas for a plastic surgery to save money you might end up losing your life. Cosmetic Surgery is not a place to be cheap on. There are many reasons why it costs, what it cost. Fees like going under, garmets, new needles, malpractice insurance... and so on.

Medical tourism is become more and more popular. There are a lot of people that are willing to go overseas to get work done. Some people it works out great for and, others it doesn't. Don't get me wrong, I am not complete against going overseas. The individual just need to there is a greater risk.

Furthermore, the standards of that Country might not be the same as the you are from country. You have to do your research and then some. The internet is a very tricky thing. Someone could very easily say, "Hey, guys I am John, a doctor with my license though so and so... I have been doing this for ... amount of years and have hundreds of reviews and great feedback. " When the truth is John is not a doctor and all his friends, family and hired people post theses fake reviews. That's the internet, it has more lies than truth. You have to put together the facts with the fiction you are given and make the best decision you can, your life depends on it.

There are agencies that you can call and get facts from like the American Board of Plastic. Where you can call and ask in your doctor is licensed in America. Also, get an adequate medical evaluationbefore a  procedure in the Country you are from. Perhaps from your family doctor who already knows all of your medical information/history. There are so many other things that you can do too if you are looking into getting work done overseas.

Just be careful!! It's is so sad what happened to that young blogger, don't let it happen to you. Let her story be a warning.

Kiki Owens

Dermaroller eBay

I know I have talked about the dermaroller before. However, I just got a new one. So, I am revamp to talk about it some more! Yay.

I order off eBay and paid under 5 bucks (USD). No shipping cost which is a good thing because the roller came from China.

I really like the packaging. It came in a tube like case which is shown in the picture. Nice design for something so simple.

It also came sealed in the silver bag with the size doted and a booklet for usage. I order a size 2.5 which is pretty brave. The size is based off the needle length.

I wanted this size because it goes deeper into the skin. With all that being said I want to say this my pain thrush hold is pretty high. At 2.5 even I said ouch at first! All in all, I was really happy with my buy.

Kiki Owens


Butterflies in Spring!

Spring/Summer means flowers blossoming and butterflies awaking! I am show casing some not over the top butterfly looks! Simple, yet eye catching.

These are two different styles of dresses, but they both have adorable butterflies print.

The first look is more of a natural nature look with neutral brown accessory such as the shoes and purse. 

It is embellished with a side owl theme that is the jewel.

The second look has accents of blue to bring color and life into the neutral print of the dress.

I liked pairing the simple, yet old school dress with modern, but reminiscent items from the past. Like the shoes and earrings.

These are two different ways to make a mature way of wearing butterflies. That is not overwhelming or childlike.

Cafe Spoken Word!

This look is in titled "Cafe Spoken Word!" I could just picture this look on some young hipsters as the stroll up to the mic in some hot, hole in the wall cafe.

What I really like about this look is that this shoes by forever 21 and the Jeans by Ten Baker seem like they wear just made for each-other. Am I wrong though?

I pair this look with two different tops one for the body conscious and the other top for the more adventurous. I prefer the white top, it makes the look neater and more fresh. However, I love white tops!

The pretty earth pink top is great too, because it adds a laid back feel to the look. The hat embellish the earth tones and brings more texture to the look.

Pearl earring add a bit of femme qualities as does the ring. The ring ties the Flora print together with the accessory. Love it! What you do guys think is it a hit or miss?

Make a Splash In Fringe!

There is just something about the way fringe hits the water! Fringe swimsuits will ways be one of my favorite summer/Spring things.

I really love their movement in the water. As you may or may not know fringe it a great way to add some textual details to a look. It creates a great shape and movement to an area.

I always think of Tina Tuner Legs, when it come to Fringe. Her movement were always so much more powerful when she had a fringe skirt.

Anyways, try some of the looks above to give some movement to your swimwear and really make a splash!!

Sherbet Fashion

This look is a orange raspberry sherbet look. The raspberry and orange color blend fairly easy together to create a sexy fun look. I could see this look wore on a date. It has somewhat of a evening feel, but isn't committed to that idea. It uses the layering of the jacket to dull down the sexiness of that top.


Get Neon Fashion

Neon Fashion is wonderful for anyone trying to standout. I like wearing neon colors to birthday functions and concerts. Pretty much places where you need to stand out.

The first set shows the power of wearing all the same color in a neon! The is no doubt you will stand out.
For me I can see this being the youngest of the looks. Someone wearing this might be in their teens to early 20's. It might be to overwhelming for someone older then that.

The Second shows the breaking up of the color dulling down the look, but still give a huge impact. This look is mostly likely for someone in their 20's.

The third shows, hints of Neon with a casual white top. The white top makes the look more neutral and not to dramatic. Or overly color washed. This look would look great on anyone, but a person in their 30's could get away with is.

What is your favorite ways to wear Neon?