Online Eye Glasses 101

So, you want to try your luck with online glasses? Well, we are going to help you! We are going to show yo the ins and outs to shopping online for glasses. Buying eye glasses online can be a great way to save money, or just pick out more pairs then you could get at the normally. Most eye glasses cost hundreds of dollars, but online you can save big time. Online stores are also great for option for a subsequent pair. I wouldn't recommed online eye for someone, getting eye glass for the first time.

You need to know what everything means. This isn't just picking out a pair of glasses you need to do some of the work too. If you don't you are more than likely going to end up with a pair of glasses that you hate.

Their are features that the recommend that so not be taken for grated. Most glasses come with this features, however many online glasses company allow you the buyer to custom the glasses. Meaning you can opt out of certain things, which if you don't know what you are doing can lead to trouble!! These are all things you need to know for buying glasses online.

First thing you are going to need is a eye exam with your prescription.(Well, Duh!)

Entering your eyeglasses prescription online:

OS: Also know as oculus sinister. Basally your left eye.
OD: Also know as oculus dexter. Basally your right eye.
DV: Also know as distance vision. Used when multi-focal lenses are prescribed.
NV: Also know as near vision (sometimes referred to as "add"). Used when multi-focal lenses are prescribed.

Also, If you have an eye exam, you can legally get a copy of your prescription. You can also get your P.D. written down. (Which, we'll cover later.)

Your Frame Size

Measuring your Bridge, Lens Width, Frame Width, Temple Length, Lens Height, and (Deep breath!) Frame Weight.

These are some ways to get those measurements.

Get a old pair of frames and compare the frame size to the ones that you are considering buy off of online.

Do a self measurement (The hardest method for new online eye glasses shop, due to the fat there might be human error.) There are many how to measure tutorials out there when it come to buying glasses online, but nothing compares to actual have a pair to base these sizes on. If you have to it's not a bad option, but I would buy a couple cheap pairs, in different styles, so you can try them out.

Trying on frames that fit and write down the frame sizes and lens size from a local store.

Buying a dollar store pair of reading glasses(you love the fit) and self size the glasses.

Pupillary Distance (P.D.)
What the heck is PD? It's the distance from the middle of the pupil in one eye to the center of the pupil in the other eye. Straight across the bridge of the nose.

Lens Material
There are three basic lens materials for prescription eye wear. Each has different prices and recommended use.

Plastic: Common and basic lenses. Recommended for people with light prescriptions, ranging from no correction to +/-1.75. Cheapest

Polycarbonate: High-impact resistant lenses. Recommended for active lifestyles. Good for prescriptions up to +/- 4.00.

High Index 1.67: The thinnest and lightest of lens. Recommended for people with high prescriptions.

Lens Coatings
There are a variety of coatings that can be added to any lens.

Must haves are UV coating and AR!

Buying lenses with a protective UV coating in order to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Anti-glare know as anti-reflective (AR) coating. The AR coating will improve the clarity of vision and help with eye fatigue. It's a must have, if you don't have AR, it's like having that annoying glare on the t.v. from the sun.

Scratch-resistant coating

Polychromatic lenses (get darker when in direct sunlight)

Polarized Lenses reduce the glare created by the sun's reflection off things like roads and water. Like sunglasses, kind of.

Lens Edge polishing and Beveling


The frame of the glasses might be a set price, but the price of the glasses might go up after you are done add all off the features like UV coating... etc.

I recommend Zenni optical, I have brought from them. I still have my glasses from them and love them. They are great! They have a nice return policy, too. If you aren't in a hurry they are a great for eye glasses. Yeah, the shipped can take a while. :/ But the saving are totally worth it! :)

I hope that this helps you in purchasing glasses online, I think that everyone should give it a try.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor of any form. You can always do more research on eye glasses online and websites listed on my site. This is based off of my personal experiences, research and views. Your personal experiences, views and research may be different then mine.