Get Neon Fashion

Neon Fashion is wonderful for anyone trying to standout. I like wearing neon colors to birthday functions and concerts. Pretty much places where you need to stand out.

The first set shows the power of wearing all the same color in a neon! The is no doubt you will stand out.
For me I can see this being the youngest of the looks. Someone wearing this might be in their teens to early 20's. It might be to overwhelming for someone older then that.

The Second shows the breaking up of the color dulling down the look, but still give a huge impact. This look is mostly likely for someone in their 20's.

The third shows, hints of Neon with a casual white top. The white top makes the look more neutral and not to dramatic. Or overly color washed. This look would look great on anyone, but a person in their 30's could get away with is.

What is your favorite ways to wear Neon?