L'Oreal Excellence HiColor Red Review

HiColor has become a staple in many do-it-yourself hair dyes. Known to turn dark-haired to light hair or getting great pigmentation, It claims to lift dark hair 3-4 levels with no pre-lightening. HiColor is a great way to avoid bleaching your head. It's been reviewed several times among the YouTube community, so I thought for myself I would give it a try.

I decided to go with L'Oreal Excellence HiColor Red. Due to the fact that I'm currently a redhead with Manic Panic and Jamz.
I was looking for more permanent bright solutions for my red hair. They do offer other colors, such as blonde, magenta and so on. I was worried about dye my red with a dye made for dark hair, because my hair is bleached blondish. (I say the ish part because it has some red and pink left in from the Panic Manic.)

For the price wasn't very expensive. For L'Oreal Excellence HiColor I went to Sally's and got good price. HiColor is somewhere between $8-$10 price range. We all know how fast red haired can fade, so having it for a inexpensive price is a great benefit of the hair dye.

You do however have to purchase volume developer. Depending on how light you want to red or how bright depends on the level of developer you should use. Most people from what I noticed tend to use the 30 to give a bright red color. Being bleached before and semi dyed red/pink, I decided to go with the 20 developer. I didn't want to overly process my already processed hair.

This hair dye was simply to use. Really easy to apply. I would recommend it to a friend it has great pigmentation. It is great way to avoid having to use panic manic and getting a permanent result. It's a lot healthier then normal box and can achieve a brighter look.

A week later and I still love the color, there is a certain way it highlight in the light that I just love it's hard to describe, but light reflexes off of the hair in a pinkish manner. The pink tint might have a lot to do with previous color of my hair. It's just so vibrant I can't get over it.

I still refresh my hair with a semi dye, hey got to use up that Manic Panic and Jamz right? Anyways, I mixed a little of the semi dye with my hair oils. It works great and give it a unique look.

As of now this is my favorite red hair dye. I would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you for your time,