Guys Makeup

It maybe seem a bit taboo for any guy to wear makeup, but why should girls be the only one? Guys can get great benefits from wearing makeup just like girls. It has nothing to do with sexual, it just a great tool to help you look your best. Even male stars wear makeup on movie sets to look their best, and no one was complaining at a hot Johnny Depp as a Pirate.

Foundation: Great for covering skin imperfections! With a male foundation you want it to be natural, not matte or shimmery. (Unless you are going for the Twlight look. lol)
BB cream can be a great foundation for men. It's helpful in covering problem areas, but keep the skin natural looking. It just a plus that it's beneficial to the skin.

Concealer: If you have a facial hair it's a good idea to try a concealer instead. The concealer is more of a spot cover up, and will be easier to apply.

Eye shadow: A little dark eye shadow around the eyes is a great way to had a little edge. It can enhance a rocker look or alternative. It gives a softer look than Eyeliner.

Eyeliner: A little more detailed and harder lines, it can also be used to give that rock star look or pirate, RRrrr!

Lip Balm: Health for your lips, sometimes those girl brands are really just great for your lips.

It's important to remember when wearing makeup to keep your skin clean, wash it in the morning and before bed. You don't want to go to sleep with makeup on your skin. It's a no-no, it's causes break outs.

Guys can wear makeup, too!