Diet Bet Website

Spring is before us and in honor of trying to get healthy, we are break out all the diet and fitness secrets you need to know! Starting with how to make little side cash for rewards for losing weight. This secret has been feature on so many shows. The name the secret is dietbet.com. It's a great way to in courage people to lose weight and earn cash as a extra incentive!

The idea is to join a game, pay the bet and the pot get split between the winners! It's a healthy incentive to losing weight this will pay you to lose weight. (not price per pound unfortunately.) The winner whoever reaches their 10% of their gold and keeps up every week was as wait and gains money.

How do they know it is real? they have words that you will have to put anyone have to posted in a certain time-frame so this does require a camera and they have ways of making sure that it is authentic weight-loss, no Photoshop here!

There are also a lot of celebrities starting games. I believe one of the fitness ladies from biggest loser has competition going on. Also, they give advice it's a great support community for losing weight I highly recommend it!

The cash price can range as I said before the past has good split up between winners and they have some pretty high up there cash prizes there was one going on, for $45,000 ladies and gentlemen split between 10 people that might not be so bad. Highly unlikely though, because the way the game works is that the more people that join the more money that gets put into the pot, which is then split between the winners. So, the higher the cash prize the more people likely to win. And the highest money earned as around $400, at less that I have seen.

It's been seen on such sites as Dr. Oz to he Talk and then you and all them recommend this. The great thing about this site is that it's an incentive ladies and gentlemen, an incentive to lose weight. With a incentives you know you might treat yourself and join another bed and lose more weight this is a great way to lose weight I recommended go out there join a game. $25 that and you're in and you're losing weight and just give it a try!

That's the love in your weight-loss my little Keewee and stay healthy sexy and you for spring! be beautiful be selfish be you!