A beauty and fashion blog with an opinion and character! It's a power blog that could makeover your life just as well as you look! Offering a number of services to its fans, from outside to the inside. It's a diverse blog that's not your typical cookie cutter Beauty & Style blog. An important part of this blog is to boost self-esteem and self-worth of its readers, to help them love their flaws or live with them. We have the idea that we are meant to be perfect and therefore cannot acceptable our flaws, but Beautyselffish shows us that flaws are beautiful part of who we are.
Blog name was created with an extra "f" to show that nothing is perfect.

The motto of Beautyselffish is simple, "Be beautiful! Be you! Be selfish!"
Meaning: follow your idea of beauty and be selfish about it, don't change for anyone(Other than yourself)!


It's Creator Kiki , is a unique persona!
A social media star on the rise, sharing her views and beauty tips.
Only in her early 20's she reaches out to her fans on a personal level. Sharing her experience with life.
She set out to create a beauty blog that reaches everyday people as well as professional, a blog where everyone can empower their own idea of beauty, whatever that might be.


-Height: 5'6"
-Weight - 178 lbs
-Goal Weight - 125 lbs
-Birthday: 11/02
-Location: America
-Relationship status: ♥
-What I am into: Beauty & Fashion, Self improvement, Asian culture, Fashion... Tim Burton, Pretty Baby, Rukku Gyaru Fashion, kawaii, European fairy tales, and Hime-kei!
-Fashion Crush: Everything, I have a very blended style. However, I really love the bombshell, hippy look mix with a pinch of 80's barbie and a dash of Kawaii.
-Skin Tone: Warm, NW30 MAC
-Ethnicity: I am multi-ethic ^.^


Is a college student and blogger.
In my late teen years, I was a victim to domestic violence and understand the importance of self-worth. I hope to instill self-worth and love in my fans.

Thank you for your support and viewing the blog, please follow, comment and stay beautiful! Be sure to check me out on YouTube as well.