Self Tanner 101

I love using self tanner, even though I am a mixed chick. I honestly love the look. Self tanner can be great, for hiding lighter scars, evening out skin tone stretch marks and camouflaging redness. It like body foundation no beats the glow. And it’s so much better than tanning in the sun, as we all tanning in the sun or in a machine is bad for your skin. It causes premature aging, and sun damage like spots. Also tanning in the sun can cause skin cancer.
So, this post is all about self tanners. What steps to take, different types, tips and tricks… everything you need to know to have a great sunless tan! 

Step 1 Hair Removal
Hair Removal before applying self tanner helps the tan last longer
Step 2 Exfoliate
You want to get rid of any dry dead skin, to avoid a botching tan. I like to exfoliate a couple days ahead and the day of. I like to use a exfoliating body wash, and a luffa.
Step 3 Moisturize Dry Areas
You don’t want any areas of the body darker then others! Dry areas will expose the self tanner more. Knees, Elbows, hands, feet and ankle.
Step 4 Apply Vaseline
Apply Vaseline to the areas you don’t want tanned. Hair line, curdles, palms of hand and sole of feet.
Step 5 Apply Self Tanner
Work in section, like upper arms, hands, thighs and tummy. Use the same movement starting down and moving upward. Don’t forget to blend.
Let’s tanner sit on skin (Time may vary depending on product) from 4-6 hours. Avoid getting water at the time.
Tips for hands and feet
Deep moisturize uses a heavy lotion or oil… wear socks and wear an hour or two before tanning feet.
To blend the hand and feet easier try patting the self tanner in those areas with an extra mitt that is clean.
Work in smaller areas making sure to blend, blend and blend some more.
Step 6 Wash Off/Shower
Wash the Skin; don’t worry if you see same color going down the drain this is normal.
Step 7 Maintaining you’re Tan
Uses a gradual tanner.
Colors of Self Tanner
Dark, gives the deepest tan.

Different Constancy
Strays Like an aerosol stray, even coverage. Easy to use for first time users, but somewhat messy.
Mouse Easy to blend, buildable coverage.

Different Color Base
Self Tanner has a base color
Green Cancels out Oranges and Red

Some Brands
Air Blush Legs
Cost : $14 dollars
Comes in an aerosol bottle, easy to apply. It’s more of a drug store brand, but gives a great tan in a can. lol
Million Dollar Tan
Cost: $20 to $60 dollars
Shake the bottle well before using! The smell isn’t that great, it’s strong. It comes in lotion form, with a white color guard. It can leave the little bit of a orangey color, but I like it because it’s so deep of color. The biggest con is that it fades very patchy, you need to make sure to really exfoliate when using these tanner. It’s love/hate with this one…
I like the cabana tan extreme dark. They have different types.
*Fake Bake Flawless
Cost: $12-20 Dollars
A little orange (not that bad), but a deep color. A great floral or tropic smell. I really like this product; it’s not a bad price and is pretty great. It might leak around edges, because of liq. constantly and packaging. Great color guard fades, medium color. 3-4 lasting color. Take 15 min to dry, sticky feeling.
*St. Tropez Tan
Cost: $40 Dollars
Great for all skin tones, bronze glow. I recommend you get their mitt for apply the product really finish the look. Green based tanner, so no orange or redness. Mouse constancy. Leave on over night. Blend well.
Xen Tan
Cost: Around $34 dollars
Olive/green undertones, no orange here. Fades naturally, no real strong smell. Very Natural, not as deep as a color.

*The Brands that work the best for me, and what I like.
When apply self tanner to face, be carful it can break you out.
Self tanner might have a smell. Ok, most do and it stinks.
Beware of the orange look, use a tanner that has a olive or green tone to avoid the orange look.
Avoid marks, blend pat and blend! Work in small areas.
If you sleep after doing (but before washing it the first time) your tan, place older bed sheets on your bed, to avoid stains. Also, an old shirt helps. Oh, and beware of your towels!
Two tanning mitts (Wash them by hand after use)
Extra Pair of Hands for those hard to reach places or a handle brush
Self tanner (Of course)
Exfoliate Wash