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Review: on Jamz Semi Hair Dye

These bold, fun colors aren't fooling anyone. Jamz may be known for their lovely shades... But not for their staying power. I brought two of these lovely dyes for my new red to pink look. And they just wouldn't stay. I tried all the tricks like flat ironing the color in and leaving it in overnight, but this drop dead color just didn't want to stay on this bleach blonde head.

This wasn't much of a surprise! Jamz isn't known for their staying power, but are they a complete waste of money? When the beautiful color just washes away? So, what is a girl to do? I decided not to wash out the color, leaving it in and flat ironing it into a style!! I am not sure if this will have any damage to the hair, but I adore the color... So, I am not going back anytime soon! Also, it has a great fruity sugary smell, which help with leaving it in.

Overall, I would say great temp dye! The best use is most likely using it as a quick color refresh. However, not a good semi permanent due to the fact it washes away so quickly. 4 1/2 out of 10!

Get a Bigger Butt!

Having a bigger butt is all the trends nowadays. Highlighted in rap videos, to magazine, people are liking the backside. Now you saying that you want a bigger butt, huh? Well, this big big booty Judy and give you some tips! This is to help those a little less fortunate.

The first item, I want to talk about it's padded underwear! Okay! Okay, I know this one gets a lot of criticism, but there is nothing wrong with wearing it a couple times it your favorite dress!This is a great way to add a little fluffy in the backside. It's a hidden secret that even some drag queen use to get a more womanly form.

The next thing, is a type of pants you wear. The type of pants you wear affect how your body look. What you want is body forming pants like leggings or butt lifting jeans. Butt lifting jeans give you a better cut for your bottom in a fashion that highlights your best asset! These types of jeans really make the booty pop. Legging are great because they are like skin tight and very form fitting. They can also highlight those toned legs and fabulous fleshy fluffy butt! Legging are basically an extra layer of skin. Skin tight, so they show everything. Which could be a bad thing or a good thing.

The other thing you can do is hitting the gym and working on firming and lifting that fluffy. Even if your bun-bun are small you can benefit from doing squats. But there is also crunches and leg lift, the best way to make area appear bigger is to make the other areas smaller.

Those are just a couple quick tricks to get your booty to look fabulous!


DYI: Bright White Teeth

Having bright white teeth is a must in today's society, and makes your overall smile look healthy, shinier, and altogether more presentable. It's important when it comes to dating healthy white shiny teeth is one of the top on anybody's list. Nobody wants to have candy corn colored teeth and less it's Halloween! So, just how do you get these bright white shining teeth? Well, this tutorial is getting keep to a couple of do-it-yourselfers how to make your own teeth whitening solutions at home without breaking the bank.

My favorite ingredient to teeth whiting is baking soda. It's everywhere now, laundry soap to toothpaste. Baking soda is a home secret and the secrets out.

The next favorite ingredient is lemon something about the acidity takes away years of stains bringing your teeth back to their original state well almost. Plus it's an added bonus that it smells great and doesn't taste too bad.

There are couple things to remember about teeth whitening the first is you don't want to overdo it! Overdoing teeth whitening could lead to the wearing of enameling your teeth, which is a very bad, bad thing. Wear of the enamel of your teeth could cause things like cavity breaks. Sure you want to have a brighter smile, but you don't want to have missing teeth. That kind of defeats the purpose right?

Regular brushing of the teeth, I can't stress this enough! It's one of the most important things you can do for your overall health of your teeth. Brushing your teeth gets away plaque, germs and bacteria. It’s a must I like I personally believe that brushing your teeth two times a day can help whiten them and help your breath too.

It's important to establish your own hygienic regiment for your teeth. Depending on what brand can determine the ultimate effect of the whitening of your teeth. It's important to get a brand regiment that you enjoy and that you'll see results from. One of my personal favorite is Crest pro whitening, it gets the job done and you can see results within the first week. I use their toothpaste and mouthwash. This can be combined with doing a teeth whitening. Doing whiting regiment every two weeks and you'll be on your way to pearly white teeth. You can cut down the amount of times that you spend whitening your teeth. I would just do once a month after you get them to the desired color to keep up with the maintenance. Just to make sure you don't wear out the enamel of your teeth.

Flossing is important to what his teeth whitening going to do if you don't get in the gaps of between the teeth you need to floss this helps with against the discoloration between the teeth and also helps cut down cavities.

You are, what you drink, you are what you eat! These things that we put into our body have a first effect on our teeth. You really you don't think about that coffee is junk in the morning or later that evening. These things have affect and can leave years’ worth of stains on teeth.

So, now I'm going to share with you my personal recipe for successful teeth whitening the baking soda lemon trick.

You need a tooth brush, baking soda and lemon.
Two scoops of baking soda with one tsp. of lemon juice. Brush on teeth and leave on for 5-10 min!

Good luck with whiter brighter teeth!

How to get Big Boobs!

Have you notice that as of lately more and more woman are getting blessed with bigger boobs? They truth is that not all of the ladies are actually well endowed! That's right a lot of woman have mastered the art of allusion when it comes to their upper body. So you want in on the action and I am going to show you how.

My personal favorite getting bigger boobs is the add two cup sizes with a bra. That's right, add two cup sizes! It's like a boob job in a bra ladies! Victoria secrets bombshell bra is a must have, even if you already have big boobs. These bras are so well made they real last it's just a bonus they are super doper cute. They range from 40-60 dollars, if you want the maximum fluff these bras for you. They do have cheaper add a size bra, like maiden form Sweet Nothings bra, which are a lot cheaper, but not the best result.

The next thing, might seem a little silly, but contouring those puppies! I have seen numerous YouTube video showing how to cake on the powder and make it this will make that cleavage pop! The downside of this is that going in the water or sweating is a big no-no. But I have a personal secret and well I really don't want to share it I'm going to just for my kiwis! And that secret is, top secret, self-tanner! Just use a little bit of that lotion in the crease of cleavage. And girl those pups are going to pop. But you don't want to overkill you have a dark orange plain old hot mess.

Oh, how we have evolved from the days of stuffing that bra! Now you can even buy silicone and bra insert. This is insert is for going that extra mile spend money on these and every outfit really just highlight those puppies! It's great for drag queen as well!

However, I do want to add a little disclaimer here. Yes, you can make your boobs have the illusion of looking bigger and better, but you don't want to be totally fake and you don't want fall apart anywhere.

Best of Luck!

Hair Removal 101

So, maybe you don't want to rock that mustache right that you, but don't quite know how to get rid of it. Well, here we go, this is hair removal 101. We are going to talk about the different types of hair removal you can get, and how long the effect last as well as the upkeep.

First one up is the most common, which is shaving! Shaving is kind of tedious. Yes, every time you take a shower you are going to have to run a razor across your skin. Growth is terrible and of course you would never want to shave your face, because as we all know the truth that shaving, causes the hair to grow back the thicker ladies and gentlemen! However, many of us continue to shave due to the little cost of shaving. Cut the shaving cream, save more, if you're a pro and you just don't need it, your pro with a little bar soap and you're good to go! (I am joke though :)).

Another method in hair removal is creams. There are tons in this category like Nair, Nair! I don't know what the other brands are, but Nair definitely fits into these one! Just thought of another Veet! These are chemical hair removal creams, they can really be benefited.
This is somewhat better than shaving in my opinion. They are be great depends on the level sensitivity of your skin, but it cuts down the regrowth time. These hair removal creams basically melts away the hair or chemically removes it ever like to say. However, creams do have some cons, they can be somewhat messy and the stuff stinks (just keep it real.)

Next commonly practice is waxing. It is great, because it removes the hair at level, which overtime can create less hair growth overtime. That is because wax damages the hair focal and leaving the hair a lot more spars. There is at-home waxing, and then there is waxing at the salon. Personally depending on your level experience with wax depends on where you go at home waxing is pretty efficient in my opinion. For those with a high pain tolerance, it's probably better just to go to a salon do it. Somewhere you just sit there and cry out loud!
It can be more expensive than the previous listed. Wax can last longer than the two above in my experience. It's a good method for light hair removal I wouldn't use it where hair grows thick. I don't know if your armpits or year under regions are a good area. However, there are people that get these waxed and they are truly amazing with their pain level!

Then next is the No-no. Oh, this advertising on TV thing is just making a great hair removal. This little old gadget is pretty simple, but no it's probably best used with sparse fair and lighter hair. It's not really a lot of hair areas and it advertises results with it not going back. However, I don't think this will leave you completely hairless. It's not a bad option, but the effects may not be long-lasting. Sorry guys and sorry girls. However, you might be lucky enough to be in that small percentile of people this works perfectly and it makes hairless. However, you might not and this thing is anywhere from $200-$300... So, it's a risky gamble!

The holy grail, well for some of us is laser hair removal. This is permanent, so guys no more razors, no more creams, no more waxing! Very expensive and they require several treatments to obtain as result of no hair in desired area. In addition it might not be through those with darker skin complexion. I've heard it can cause hyper pigmentation as well as hypo pigmentation (which is lighter version of pigmentation) This is the holy Grail but it does come with some side effects and it is not cheap.

Hopefully, that gave you some insight to hair removal and I want you to consider no matter what you choose, the most important thing is to get rid of that mustache. Whatever you decide to do make sure that safe is getting rid of that here without any side effects, no razor bumps, no burns from chemicals, and no torn up skin from waxing!

Best of luck my fuzzy kiwis!


Spring on the way! What to wear for Workouts.

Spring on the way!

Get your work out on!! We all know that 
spring is just around the corner! Now, is the time to get that bod ready!

With spring right around the corner you want to look your best! Not only that you want to be health. It's workout season and today is the day to start getting healthy from the inside out. Above are some great buy to look cute well doing it!

This are just some basic examples of some great workout gear! I personal like to wear tight clothes when working out, so I can see what I am working off and toning. I like legging, short and under armor. When I'm working out, I sweat alot and wearing less clothes helps cool me down. If you weren't like me and are a little shy about you body. It is ok their are great options for you, too! Sweat pant are great, girl colors jazzy these classics up. Then their are track pants their are great sporty brands, like Nike that have track pants.

Casual College Grey


Ooo, Girl it's just weave!

Have you notice the growing trend of these weave piece. Weave isn't just for the sisters anymore, everyone is wearing weave making it a "Must Have!" Before it was, top secret, now everybody is showing off their lovely paid for locks. It's my hair I paid for it! However, for many it is like "huh?" what? Kind of topic....

Today is the where you become unbeweaveable and can proud say "Oooo, girl it's just weave!" :P

There are so many different type of weaves or hair extension. Different types like weaves, or clip in and fusion hair. Each other them has different pro and cons, price range and level of styling experience to make it work! Not only that many hair pieces may range from human hair, to synthetic, to human hair blend.

Different types Hair! Hair human! It's the best of the best, there really is nothing better than real! It can do all the things that you want it to curl, straight, dye, fried... Ok, maybe not that last one you do want that. XD Real hair feels real and acts real it bounces, and moves with you. This is the one all the other want to be like. However, as perfect as human hair seems there are some cons to all this pros. Just like your hair that grows from your head the human hair that you attach can be damaged, and hair to manage. Human hair requires up keep and tends to cost more. Price range of human hair depends on the length, but you are looking at $$$-$$$$.

Human hair blend... It's kind of a mix between human and synthetic. In other words there are some hair, some synthetic. It has pro's like holding style longer, can be curled on lower heat (Make sure it's heat friendly), has somewhat of a movement depending on the quality. Cons, it's can't be dye/colored. Somewhat less shine than synthetic, but a little more than real. $$-$$$

Synthetic Hair, Don’ts have big bucks, or just want try out hair extensions? Then this is what you want. Synthetic hair is easy to manage, little style time and costs the least out of the three types. There are cons quality plays a big factor here, it make the different part a costume wig and a more natural looking piece! Depending on the brand/quality more shiny, can't be dyed/colored, can't be curled (unless heat friendly). $-$$$

Ok, so your have a basic idea of the differences between these types of hair... So what's up next? The next thing you can to consider is what type, clip ins, sew-in, hair fusion, half-wig wig... Yeppers, there are so many different types!
Clips in, they are the easy to remove and put in with a simple snap use clip you are ready to go. They are user friendly and easy for anyone to attach themselves. The downside, they don't stay in place as use as others, clips and snaps can break, may not be the best for super fine hair.
Sew-in, Last longer, locks in place, more natural connection to scalp. Downsized the cornrow required, cost of sew in should be taken in to account. Need to be removed, sew in maybe time consuming... due to braiding and sewing.
Hair Fusion, very natural looking, smaller individual pieces. Downside, very time consuming, may cause hair damage if can properly done. The price is high, but worth it.
Hair wig, can be a heaven sent, it's a quick easy way to get that long hair, it's pre-styled and simple to attach. The downside is their not great for up dos and bulky piece.

So, now that you have a better understanding of the weave scene. Let give you some priceless tip that will put you a head of the scene.

Overly Shiny piece, try some baby power, to dull it down... remember less it more.

The more of your natural hair shows the more natural it will look.

Try to get a close match to your own hair color

Wash your hair with the proper shampoo and conditioner

Let air dry

Good Luck! And be unweaveable!

Favorite Hair Extensions Sites
www.alibaba.com/ ((Low Prices from China, kind of like ebay.. so do research on Seller!))

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Great Starter Kit Make-up

If you are into makeup, but just not sure where to start. This is a great place to start. This is based off personal preference, which means the ideal starter kit for you might vary. Every person skin is different, which means your skin may react differently. I have found that the more I try different brand/types of makeup my favorites or preference changes. For many people that is how makeup is, as your experience with different brands and type grow, so will what your into.
The Basics

When deciding on a foundation you may want to ask the follow questions.
When and where will I be wearing this foundation? How long does it need to last? What type of finish do I want?
The lighting? Type of coverage? The shade? Skin type? The Price? Will I be taking pictures?

For Foundation some of the best brands in my opinion are Mac, Nars, Almay, Maybelline and Revlon.

Almay really seems to work for acne prone skin. I used to wear it a lot in high school. The price range isn't bad either. It's a great drug store brand.
Maybelline has some of the best coverage for foundation in drug store brand. Their Dream Matte Mousse really covers a lot and gives a great matte finish. It price range is low around 8-10 dollars and is a easy to apply.
Revlon Colorstay work for a lot of people. It's price range is good and it's got a great staying power.
Mac is a trademark of a lot of great makeup artist. It's price range is around 40 dollars, but it a good quality makeup.
Nars is a lot like Mac. Price range. However, they are more skin care friendly the won't give you as many acne breakouts.

Typical, I use powder make-up as a setting power and also to blend out contouring and highlight. Powder makeup also adds dimension to flat foundation.

For makeup power, the brands I like are Mary Kay, Make Up For Ever, BareMinerals
Mary Kay has great coverage, it's lightweight and can be built up to desired coverage.
Bare Mineral can be a stand alone foundation.

Does it cover flaws well, how does it fill pores, does it leave skin smooth?
Contouring and highlighting
Three basic blushes, the first sweet a couple shade brighter than you natural undertone, the second a bit of spice neutral brown or tan color and the last summery pink with a bit of pop.

Primer for the eye is a lot different than primer for the face. You want the eye color to pop! Setting it with a neutral color like white or black. However, you also want it to stick and last.
Eye Shadow
The more pigment the better, the more colors the merrier! There should be a highlight!
They pull the look together. Making the eye wider and more bedazzeling!
Black for smaller and white for bigger.
That color that add dimension.
Make those eyelashes doll like, draw attention to the eye. They are window to the soul.
Lash Glue
Make those bad boys stick.

Lip Stick
Don't play up the eyes and lips at the same time, it's over kill. Choose a color that fit your overall look. Five shades is a great start.
Sheer or clear, sweet or hydrating?
Lip Pencil
Lock in that shape!

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