Great Starter Kit Make-up

If you are into makeup, but just not sure where to start. This is a great place to start. This is based off personal preference, which means the ideal starter kit for you might vary. Every person skin is different, which means your skin may react differently. I have found that the more I try different brand/types of makeup my favorites or preference changes. For many people that is how makeup is, as your experience with different brands and type grow, so will what your into.
The Basics

When deciding on a foundation you may want to ask the follow questions.
When and where will I be wearing this foundation? How long does it need to last? What type of finish do I want?
The lighting? Type of coverage? The shade? Skin type? The Price? Will I be taking pictures?

For Foundation some of the best brands in my opinion are Mac, Nars, Almay, Maybelline and Revlon.

Almay really seems to work for acne prone skin. I used to wear it a lot in high school. The price range isn't bad either. It's a great drug store brand.
Maybelline has some of the best coverage for foundation in drug store brand. Their Dream Matte Mousse really covers a lot and gives a great matte finish. It price range is low around 8-10 dollars and is a easy to apply.
Revlon Colorstay work for a lot of people. It's price range is good and it's got a great staying power.
Mac is a trademark of a lot of great makeup artist. It's price range is around 40 dollars, but it a good quality makeup.
Nars is a lot like Mac. Price range. However, they are more skin care friendly the won't give you as many acne breakouts.

Typical, I use powder make-up as a setting power and also to blend out contouring and highlight. Powder makeup also adds dimension to flat foundation.

For makeup power, the brands I like are Mary Kay, Make Up For Ever, BareMinerals
Mary Kay has great coverage, it's lightweight and can be built up to desired coverage.
Bare Mineral can be a stand alone foundation.

Does it cover flaws well, how does it fill pores, does it leave skin smooth?
Contouring and highlighting
Three basic blushes, the first sweet a couple shade brighter than you natural undertone, the second a bit of spice neutral brown or tan color and the last summery pink with a bit of pop.

Primer for the eye is a lot different than primer for the face. You want the eye color to pop! Setting it with a neutral color like white or black. However, you also want it to stick and last.
Eye Shadow
The more pigment the better, the more colors the merrier! There should be a highlight!
They pull the look together. Making the eye wider and more bedazzeling!
Black for smaller and white for bigger.
That color that add dimension.
Make those eyelashes doll like, draw attention to the eye. They are window to the soul.
Lash Glue
Make those bad boys stick.

Lip Stick
Don't play up the eyes and lips at the same time, it's over kill. Choose a color that fit your overall look. Five shades is a great start.
Sheer or clear, sweet or hydrating?
Lip Pencil
Lock in that shape!

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