Ooo, Girl it's just weave!

Have you notice the growing trend of these weave piece. Weave isn't just for the sisters anymore, everyone is wearing weave making it a "Must Have!" Before it was, top secret, now everybody is showing off their lovely paid for locks. It's my hair I paid for it! However, for many it is like "huh?" what? Kind of topic....

Today is the where you become unbeweaveable and can proud say "Oooo, girl it's just weave!" :P

There are so many different type of weaves or hair extension. Different types like weaves, or clip in and fusion hair. Each other them has different pro and cons, price range and level of styling experience to make it work! Not only that many hair pieces may range from human hair, to synthetic, to human hair blend.

Different types Hair! Hair human! It's the best of the best, there really is nothing better than real! It can do all the things that you want it to curl, straight, dye, fried... Ok, maybe not that last one you do want that. XD Real hair feels real and acts real it bounces, and moves with you. This is the one all the other want to be like. However, as perfect as human hair seems there are some cons to all this pros. Just like your hair that grows from your head the human hair that you attach can be damaged, and hair to manage. Human hair requires up keep and tends to cost more. Price range of human hair depends on the length, but you are looking at $$$-$$$$.

Human hair blend... It's kind of a mix between human and synthetic. In other words there are some hair, some synthetic. It has pro's like holding style longer, can be curled on lower heat (Make sure it's heat friendly), has somewhat of a movement depending on the quality. Cons, it's can't be dye/colored. Somewhat less shine than synthetic, but a little more than real. $$-$$$

Synthetic Hair, Don’ts have big bucks, or just want try out hair extensions? Then this is what you want. Synthetic hair is easy to manage, little style time and costs the least out of the three types. There are cons quality plays a big factor here, it make the different part a costume wig and a more natural looking piece! Depending on the brand/quality more shiny, can't be dyed/colored, can't be curled (unless heat friendly). $-$$$

Ok, so your have a basic idea of the differences between these types of hair... So what's up next? The next thing you can to consider is what type, clip ins, sew-in, hair fusion, half-wig wig... Yeppers, there are so many different types!
Clips in, they are the easy to remove and put in with a simple snap use clip you are ready to go. They are user friendly and easy for anyone to attach themselves. The downside, they don't stay in place as use as others, clips and snaps can break, may not be the best for super fine hair.
Sew-in, Last longer, locks in place, more natural connection to scalp. Downsized the cornrow required, cost of sew in should be taken in to account. Need to be removed, sew in maybe time consuming... due to braiding and sewing.
Hair Fusion, very natural looking, smaller individual pieces. Downside, very time consuming, may cause hair damage if can properly done. The price is high, but worth it.
Hair wig, can be a heaven sent, it's a quick easy way to get that long hair, it's pre-styled and simple to attach. The downside is their not great for up dos and bulky piece.

So, now that you have a better understanding of the weave scene. Let give you some priceless tip that will put you a head of the scene.

Overly Shiny piece, try some baby power, to dull it down... remember less it more.

The more of your natural hair shows the more natural it will look.

Try to get a close match to your own hair color

Wash your hair with the proper shampoo and conditioner

Let air dry

Good Luck! And be unweaveable!

Favorite Hair Extensions Sites
www.alibaba.com/ ((Low Prices from China, kind of like ebay.. so do research on Seller!))

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