Review: on Jamz Semi Hair Dye

These bold, fun colors aren't fooling anyone. Jamz may be known for their lovely shades... But not for their staying power. I brought two of these lovely dyes for my new red to pink look. And they just wouldn't stay. I tried all the tricks like flat ironing the color in and leaving it in overnight, but this drop dead color just didn't want to stay on this bleach blonde head.

This wasn't much of a surprise! Jamz isn't known for their staying power, but are they a complete waste of money? When the beautiful color just washes away? So, what is a girl to do? I decided not to wash out the color, leaving it in and flat ironing it into a style!! I am not sure if this will have any damage to the hair, but I adore the color... So, I am not going back anytime soon! Also, it has a great fruity sugary smell, which help with leaving it in.

Overall, I would say great temp dye! The best use is most likely using it as a quick color refresh. However, not a good semi permanent due to the fact it washes away so quickly. 4 1/2 out of 10!