Hair Removal 101

So, maybe you don't want to rock that mustache right that you, but don't quite know how to get rid of it. Well, here we go, this is hair removal 101. We are going to talk about the different types of hair removal you can get, and how long the effect last as well as the upkeep.

First one up is the most common, which is shaving! Shaving is kind of tedious. Yes, every time you take a shower you are going to have to run a razor across your skin. Growth is terrible and of course you would never want to shave your face, because as we all know the truth that shaving, causes the hair to grow back the thicker ladies and gentlemen! However, many of us continue to shave due to the little cost of shaving. Cut the shaving cream, save more, if you're a pro and you just don't need it, your pro with a little bar soap and you're good to go! (I am joke though :)).

Another method in hair removal is creams. There are tons in this category like Nair, Nair! I don't know what the other brands are, but Nair definitely fits into these one! Just thought of another Veet! These are chemical hair removal creams, they can really be benefited.
This is somewhat better than shaving in my opinion. They are be great depends on the level sensitivity of your skin, but it cuts down the regrowth time. These hair removal creams basically melts away the hair or chemically removes it ever like to say. However, creams do have some cons, they can be somewhat messy and the stuff stinks (just keep it real.)

Next commonly practice is waxing. It is great, because it removes the hair at level, which overtime can create less hair growth overtime. That is because wax damages the hair focal and leaving the hair a lot more spars. There is at-home waxing, and then there is waxing at the salon. Personally depending on your level experience with wax depends on where you go at home waxing is pretty efficient in my opinion. For those with a high pain tolerance, it's probably better just to go to a salon do it. Somewhere you just sit there and cry out loud!
It can be more expensive than the previous listed. Wax can last longer than the two above in my experience. It's a good method for light hair removal I wouldn't use it where hair grows thick. I don't know if your armpits or year under regions are a good area. However, there are people that get these waxed and they are truly amazing with their pain level!

Then next is the No-no. Oh, this advertising on TV thing is just making a great hair removal. This little old gadget is pretty simple, but no it's probably best used with sparse fair and lighter hair. It's not really a lot of hair areas and it advertises results with it not going back. However, I don't think this will leave you completely hairless. It's not a bad option, but the effects may not be long-lasting. Sorry guys and sorry girls. However, you might be lucky enough to be in that small percentile of people this works perfectly and it makes hairless. However, you might not and this thing is anywhere from $200-$300... So, it's a risky gamble!

The holy grail, well for some of us is laser hair removal. This is permanent, so guys no more razors, no more creams, no more waxing! Very expensive and they require several treatments to obtain as result of no hair in desired area. In addition it might not be through those with darker skin complexion. I've heard it can cause hyper pigmentation as well as hypo pigmentation (which is lighter version of pigmentation) This is the holy Grail but it does come with some side effects and it is not cheap.

Hopefully, that gave you some insight to hair removal and I want you to consider no matter what you choose, the most important thing is to get rid of that mustache. Whatever you decide to do make sure that safe is getting rid of that here without any side effects, no razor bumps, no burns from chemicals, and no torn up skin from waxing!

Best of luck my fuzzy kiwis!