How to get Big Boobs!

Have you notice that as of lately more and more woman are getting blessed with bigger boobs? They truth is that not all of the ladies are actually well endowed! That's right a lot of woman have mastered the art of allusion when it comes to their upper body. So you want in on the action and I am going to show you how.

My personal favorite getting bigger boobs is the add two cup sizes with a bra. That's right, add two cup sizes! It's like a boob job in a bra ladies! Victoria secrets bombshell bra is a must have, even if you already have big boobs. These bras are so well made they real last it's just a bonus they are super doper cute. They range from 40-60 dollars, if you want the maximum fluff these bras for you. They do have cheaper add a size bra, like maiden form Sweet Nothings bra, which are a lot cheaper, but not the best result.

The next thing, might seem a little silly, but contouring those puppies! I have seen numerous YouTube video showing how to cake on the powder and make it this will make that cleavage pop! The downside of this is that going in the water or sweating is a big no-no. But I have a personal secret and well I really don't want to share it I'm going to just for my kiwis! And that secret is, top secret, self-tanner! Just use a little bit of that lotion in the crease of cleavage. And girl those pups are going to pop. But you don't want to overkill you have a dark orange plain old hot mess.

Oh, how we have evolved from the days of stuffing that bra! Now you can even buy silicone and bra insert. This is insert is for going that extra mile spend money on these and every outfit really just highlight those puppies! It's great for drag queen as well!

However, I do want to add a little disclaimer here. Yes, you can make your boobs have the illusion of looking bigger and better, but you don't want to be totally fake and you don't want fall apart anywhere.

Best of Luck!