Get a Bigger Butt!

Having a bigger butt is all the trends nowadays. Highlighted in rap videos, to magazine, people are liking the backside. Now you saying that you want a bigger butt, huh? Well, this big big booty Judy and give you some tips! This is to help those a little less fortunate.

The first item, I want to talk about it's padded underwear! Okay! Okay, I know this one gets a lot of criticism, but there is nothing wrong with wearing it a couple times it your favorite dress!This is a great way to add a little fluffy in the backside. It's a hidden secret that even some drag queen use to get a more womanly form.

The next thing, is a type of pants you wear. The type of pants you wear affect how your body look. What you want is body forming pants like leggings or butt lifting jeans. Butt lifting jeans give you a better cut for your bottom in a fashion that highlights your best asset! These types of jeans really make the booty pop. Legging are great because they are like skin tight and very form fitting. They can also highlight those toned legs and fabulous fleshy fluffy butt! Legging are basically an extra layer of skin. Skin tight, so they show everything. Which could be a bad thing or a good thing.

The other thing you can do is hitting the gym and working on firming and lifting that fluffy. Even if your bun-bun are small you can benefit from doing squats. But there is also crunches and leg lift, the best way to make area appear bigger is to make the other areas smaller.

Those are just a couple quick tricks to get your booty to look fabulous!