Pastel Hair, Sweeter than Bubble Gum!

"Look there it's a mermaid, no a super hero! No wait it's an anime cartoon!" Noopppe! It's just the new hair tread hitting the scene. Pastel hair, the unique expression of cartoon washed generations. Pastel has actual been around for a while, but thanks to site like pin-interest it's getting pretty popular. With all that popularity people are asking themselves, “How do I get that look?” Well, follow this post and you will get that pastel look.

Firstly, decide on a design look and stick with it. Do you want an allover color, a multicolored like perhaps rainbow-y, dipped look or a simple ombre? Search out some pastel looks on pin interest for inspiring. It’s important to get down what colors you want, the areas you want pastel and how it will look with your haircut.
Next, it’s important to note that pastel color hair requires a bit more maintain then "Normal color Hair." The color doesn't last as long and every time you wash it, your hair will be light. If you uses a lot of colors the time for maintain will also go up.

(Skip if you are already a blond or light brown) Then, there is hair bleaching!! It’s very, very important to note with any hair bleach comes damage! Something you need to think about, is my hair in health enough conditioner to bleach? How much bleaching will be require in getting that color look, and more importantly is it worth it? If you answer yes, let us move forward to bleaching.

*First insider beauty tip: when bleaching hair it’s less damaging to do it over time.

Depending on the look you want depends on how much bleaching and dying you are going to do. If you want pastel hair color as you base you would of course bleach all the hair. Or do a couple bleach washes. Only lift the area you want pastel if you are doing an ombre for example isn't necessary to bleach the whole hair. If you have darker hair you may require more bleaching. In order to achieve a pastel color you may need to lift your hair color.
The easy way to think of hair developer is 1 level for every 10. For example 30 volume developers lift 3 hair color levels, 20 lifts 2. Unless your hair is already blonde I’d use a 30 on the part you want your hair to be pastel. For darker hair, try to lift the color 3 levels. After lighting your hair you will want to deep condition it!! Lighting/lifting hair takes a lot out of the hair! I also suggest waiting a week or two before dye it with pastels.
*Insider beauty tip: You can dilute developer… who knew. If you buy 40 half distill water is 20. Mix well!
Hair bleach powder it's important not to be cheap, head on down to sally and go for the gold! The bleach power is important it actives that developer!

Think about toning the hair if you tone the hair the pastel color will really pop! If you want white hair the color will show up better. Toners will get rid of some of those yellow and orange tones lift from bleaching.

* Insider beauty tip: Purple kills orange! Choose a purple based toner! Toner – Wella’s “Lightest Ash Blonde” has a purple base and if great for getting rid of that orange look.

Let’s talk about some brands of color!! What are some brands include Panic Manic, Special Effects, Jamz, Pravana, and Directions. The brand of dye you choose is important. If you pick a cheap crappy dye your hair will look cheap and crappy. So, do your research, find a dye that you love that color and it last!

So, you have done all the basic now it’s time for the pastel!!! Yayyy. ^.^
1) Set up, dye, dye brush, foil for separating, old shirt, mixing bowl and white conditioner.
2) Mixing the dye with white conditioner until desired pastel color is achieved. It’s a nice idea to test the color on a white sheet of paper.
3) Paint the hair! Make sure that stain it soaked!
4) Wait suggested time to an hour
5) And style and enjoy!

Best of Luck
-Kiki Owens

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