Homemade Skin Care Oils and Masks

There are several homemade masks and oils that can help care for the skin. These are some of the homemade recipes that can aid with skin care. With any change in your skin care routine you want to wait and see the results, everyone’s skin is different. In addition, I wouldn't mix these products together no telling what could happen. Try one and wait go from there. Furthermore, I am not a dermatologist every skin type is different, I am just sharing what works for me and my experiences.
Is that a zit or a small hill?
Zit Zapper Oils
Tea Tree Oil
Used as a spot treatment. Why it works? Draws out the Inflammation and Dries it out. Be careful it can burn! Small amounts go a long way!
Castor Oil
Leaving it on overnight as a spot treatment. Why it works? Castor oil can help decreases the pain and inflammation associated with acne.
Hit the kitchen?
Baking Soda Skin Detox
Used as a light mask. Why it works? Helps with redness and swelling also dries out acne, loosen blackheads. Be careful burning and Skin pH balance! Also use way little pressure too much may cause damage.
Dap a bit on and draw out the acne. Why it works? Using vinegar on skin can bring out deep acne and aid in clearing it up. Most people dilute it with water due to the smell and burning.
Epsom Salts
Mix with warm water and soak wash cloth. Place the washcloth on face for several mins. Let sit overnight and wash off in morning.

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