Cafe Spoken Word!

This look is in titled "Cafe Spoken Word!" I could just picture this look on some young hipsters as the stroll up to the mic in some hot, hole in the wall cafe.

What I really like about this look is that this shoes by forever 21 and the Jeans by Ten Baker seem like they wear just made for each-other. Am I wrong though?

I pair this look with two different tops one for the body conscious and the other top for the more adventurous. I prefer the white top, it makes the look neater and more fresh. However, I love white tops!

The pretty earth pink top is great too, because it adds a laid back feel to the look. The hat embellish the earth tones and brings more texture to the look.

Pearl earring add a bit of femme qualities as does the ring. The ring ties the Flora print together with the accessory. Love it! What you do guys think is it a hit or miss?