Dermaroller eBay

I know I have talked about the dermaroller before. However, I just got a new one. So, I am revamp to talk about it some more! Yay.

I order off eBay and paid under 5 bucks (USD). No shipping cost which is a good thing because the roller came from China.

I really like the packaging. It came in a tube like case which is shown in the picture. Nice design for something so simple.

It also came sealed in the silver bag with the size doted and a booklet for usage. I order a size 2.5 which is pretty brave. The size is based off the needle length.

I wanted this size because it goes deeper into the skin. With all that being said I want to say this my pain thrush hold is pretty high. At 2.5 even I said ouch at first! All in all, I was really happy with my buy.

Kiki Owens