Types of Foundation Consistently

Like a liquid foundation, however formulated in a manner that whips the normal liquid foundation. Offering a more natural and air blushed look. Has a matte finish, meaning non-gloss finish, and eliminates light reflection.

Cream foundations provide a bit heavier coverage and are formulated for normal to dry skin. Thicker than liquid foundation offers the heaviest coverage. Works with dry skin.

Much like powder foundation, light, and stops excess oil. It's is very naturally.

One of the most common. It offers medium to full coverage. Somewhat watery in consistently. It very easy to apply. Normal or dry.

There are many different type of foundations with different consistently. It is important to find one that works for your skin. It's more depend on the brand, quality of makeup and ingredients as well. I personally like cream foundation or Liquid the best.

Thank you for reading,

Kiki Owens