Plastic Surgery among Makeup Gurus/Bloggers

Plastic surgery is getting more and more common, singers get it, actors, and even social media stars. There are several YouTubers and bloggers that have open admitted to have cosmetic surgery. It has become in fact pretty treading, among the bigger YouTubers. But what is the impact that social media plastic surgery is having? Also, what is the cost of getting plastic surgery in the social media world?
Why are so many social media stars getting plastic surgey? Why is it so treading?
To tell the truth, there no one reason for it. Each and every YouTuber is different, they also have there reason for getting something done. I think the reason why so many people are open to it now is, because there are a number of YouTubers open about it.
  Well honestly, there is a lot of negative stereotypes around any social media star getting work done.
This negative view has an impact on social media stars. A lot of gurus that are open about there plastic surgery is trolled. This trolls try and shame the star into feeling guilty about their choice to have surgery, making a lot of other gurus wonder if it's a good move to get any work done.
I personally don't understand why trolls attack those who are open about their plastic surgery experience. When it comes to plastic surgery, I am open to the idea of people doing what makes them happy, as long as if safe. Furthermore, everyone should at least have the option of personal choice. They shouldn't be trolled, because they got plastic surgery.
With that being said, I also think these stars should be open and honest about having work done, maybe they shouldn't have to go into in-depth details, but they should let the younger viewers know that the have alter their appearance for personal reasons. They should address their viewers, not feel shamed into hiding their changes.

Will this cause self esteem problems or unrealistic ideas of beauty for younger viewers that idolize them? What impact will this have?
I personally don't think so, as long as they address it correctly. Let their viewer know their personal reason for getting the surgery and still encourage the view to love themselves.
As for the impact, it will have is yet to be seen. I don’t think viewers are going to rush out and get plastic surgery get because someone they like on social media did.
I don’t think that getting plastic surgery equal more expose in social media. In fact in has it’s downsides as well as its perks.
YouTube stars and bloggers are held to difference standards then other stars. A lot of viewers feel that social media stars are more realistic more like themselves. Yes, reliability is important for a social media star. Reliability is a huge factor in the reason a lot of them become famous. So, some viewers might become betray by the YouTube getting plastic surgery. 
Understand the idea that they are a brand and how that effects how plastic surgery might be different for them.
However... as their fame grows they want their image to grow. It is even possibly might receive discount for the procedures that they get and intern they endorse the surgeons that perform them. Discounted prices make it very tempting to get cosmetic surgery.
Or perhaps they had planned long ago to get the cosmetic procedure done. Whatever the reasoning behind the choice to have cosmetic surgery, should be a personal choice. They have no obligation to the viewer to not have cosmetic surgery. It is a part of their own feel will.
Why it’s important not to let plastic surgery affect you as a viewer.
I think it's wrong for a fan to unsubscribe, because their social media star had cosmetic surgery. Especially, if it's one in the makeup or guru beauty category,  because on a daily basis the fantasy of the individual altered their appearance whether it is with cosmetics, lashes or circle lenses. 
Yes, plastic surgery is more permanent then of course make up that you can’t just rinse off. But if you're a fan of the person before and their outward changed, it shouldn't affect how you view them now!
At the end of the day it’s their own person choice.
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