5 Beauty Things Men HATE

Weird Eye Brows: If the over plucked, guy are left thinking, "Man, why don't hairs grown there... "
If they are unnatural drawn in, guys think "Kids with crayons, I am not ready for kids!" and the list goes on with the eye brows. Shaving half of them off with the ends drawn in, "Holy crap her eye brows just washed off!"
Untouched eye brows, "Dude... I like this girl, but she's got the "Drake" brows!" One important thing to keep in mind is that guys like they neat, but natural looking. Well groomed, but not over kill.

Too Much makeup: They think, "I'm dating Krusty the clown." or "What does she reeeaaallly look like."
You can wear makeup just don't go over board, a lot of guys don't understand that whole a lot of bright colors... A good rule of thumb is play up one thing, keep the rest mellow.

Chemical Peels: What they see, your skin peel and crusty. They think, "Man, I wonder if I should go to the doctor... I don't want whatever that is, too." You explain a chemical peel and they think, "Did some chick really just talk you into messing up your skin." Best thing to keep in mind is just talk with your guy before hand, or if you are into a guy, but not dating avoid him during the period of time.

Weave and Wigs: What they think, "She ain't got no hair, but it looks good." or "Does this come from horse? No, really I just wanna know." They like the look.

Peep toe shoes/flop flips: Ladies if you are going to show off your feet, please keep them clean and groomed. Don't have your feet and your mans feet matching it's not cute. Men think "Her dogs match my dogs, that's all bad, dog!"

There is a lot of lite humor in the post! I am not saying all guys will agree with this. This was more of just a funny post. The big factor when it comes to guys is they like (for the most part) a woman that is well groomed, somewhat natural, and doesn't fall for all the crazy trends.

Hope you all enjoyed this,

Kiki Owens

What are some Beauty trends/things you dislike? Leave a comment below.