3D Nail Art

If you really want your nails stand out then you should try 3-D Nail Art! It is a great way to give your nails that extra little something, like that extra pop.

What is 3-D nail art? Well, 3D nail art is the design of little sculptures on your nails to give it more 3-D appearance. It's a great way to add dimensions to your nails. I also like 3-D nail art, because it adds character getting your nails more personality. They can include rhinestones, faux pearls small fabric beads, tiny fabric roses and bows. They can be simple with just adding a bow or over the top, where barely any nail shows though. 3D nail art is great for holidays and themed parties, it a great way to stand out from everyone else.

There are several way to go about getting 3D nails art. You can apply some scrupled pieces to your nail, buy a already design nails or if you have talent create some yourself.

If you decide to create some look up a couple inspiration photo first and start off small. I also recommend getting a fake finger working on your own is going to be way to hard starting off.

If you want more personality are now this is a great way to get it. I recommend trying them out.

These are some great site to start looking...