Low Cost Makeup: To Build a Starter Kit

These are some great brands of makeup offered at a low cost to starting building up your makeup collection. These are all brands I have tried, and like for certain things. These are the brands to look for if you are on a budget or just starting out.

1. E.L.F

e.l.f stands for Eyes, Lips and face. There fairly low in cost, and great for younger individuals just starting to get into makeup. I love e.l.f for it's low cost, at $1 to $40 dollars at the most there makeup is afford to almost everyone. One of the product line that I like from e.l.f is the Professional line, which cost a little more, but is still a steal.

The downside is that e.l.f makeup can sometimes lack in quality. Yes, they are offered at crazy low price, but it does come at a cost. Don't think that these products are high end they aren't. You have to invest extra care with them, so that they last. On the upside in my opinion with how much they cost, they are the best at their price.

2. BH cosmetics

If you don't know about BH cosmetic by now, where have you been? Honestly? Their eye-shadow pallets have been the highlight of so many youtube videos. Don't worry though, I am here to educated you. Their 120 palette for eye shadow is affordable and great for multicolored look. With over 120 colors their is so many different looks that you can create. And for that I love them.

3. NYX

4. Wet & Wild
Who hasn't used a 99 cent, eye liner pencil from Wet & Wild? Need I say more? >.< 5. Jordana
I used to wear there lipsticks in high school. For myself they are hit and miss, but still pretty descent starting out.

6. Rimmel
I like their loose powders.

7. Maybelline
Mascaras are the best! They have a large line of products, that can be found in drug stores.

How to get low cost makeup to last?

1. Primer! It's a wonderful thing, try not to be cheap a it, if you are cheap on primer it shows!
If you primer you eyes eye try to use a NYX Jumbo stick, it will help the colors pop.
2. Setting spray... Makes it last long though out the day.
3. Care for the products. So, they last longer in shelf life.

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