Don't Over Do Your Hair! Big Chop

This is a big chop warning, to all of you girls over processing your hair. Don't do it! The damage from process you hair might be permanent. You really never know the effect of bleaching, relaxing your hair until it's, too late. I know everyone wants the latest celebrity look, but sometimes we fail to think of the effects of this on own hair.

Furthermore, we don't a credit those changes in a celebrity appearance to weaves, wigs or a team highly skilled beauty professions. We think that, we can achieve these dramatic changes, without inflicting damage. Although, most of the time we just end up frying our hair.

With there being so many different styles, we want the free to change our hair like we change our clothes. There maybe so many different dye and haircuts, but you only have one head of hair. Ladies don't over bleach, dye or cut your hair. It's so easy to fall in love a style one day and hate it the next. Not to mention that you have to maintain that style. And damaged hair is the hardest to care for. Fried hair is like straw, it's breaks very easily and can you say "hash tag" suffering. You can only do so much before your hair starts falling out, end start splitting and your scalp suffers.

Personally, I am starting to understand why the big chop had such a big impacted on the social media world. Some of the damage inflicted on hair is unrecoverable. After years of dye my hair, dramatic colors... I am left with a crazy mess. Rather, than do the big chop I decide to cut my hair into a short layered bob. Then when the new growth is long enough, chop off the reason of the fry hair.

It's important to love your hair, and not over do it! Because health hair is the most beautiful. ^.^

Kiki Owens