YouTube Gurus and Blocking!

I was watching YouTube video and I was "inspired" to do a posting about youtube beauty gurus in their habit of blocking individuals or subscribers. I was really surprise to learn that some Gurus with more subscribers feel more inclined to block, what they view as "negative or unwanted comments and attention." I understand the whole no pesting/spam, but I believe people should be able to express themselves. Unless, they are giving you death threat... of course than, why not block someone crazy like that.

Personally as a newbie YouTuber and a Blogger, I feel as though the blocking isn't the best remedy use to achieving in changing views of that individuals. Truth, be told there is no "good way to change someone views." As a social media provider or individual you encounter people that opinions and views are completely different than your own. The way you choose to deal with these will change the way you are viewed and social media.

I feel like everybody's entitle to their own opinion, you know if you're doing this type of material you have to expect that you'll be judge. Because doing anything beauty like is open for judgement. Not everybody's benefit and not everyone is going to be like, "oh my gosh that eyeliner looks awesome You have most beautiful eyes." Some people's personal opinion and taste might impact the a response to your video. Like, "Her eyeliner, looks like crayon... I wouldn't do it like that!" Why did you block somebody for watching your video, for commenting on your video and for expressing their personal opinion. Youtubers blocking certain individuals for expressing their opinions. I can't stand it.

Personally, I feel like even though some comments receive maybe viewed as negative. I believe that they should be open for discussion. I don't think that I should filter out the content of my individual subscribers, because they aren't in agreements with my views. So, why do bigger gurus? Is it, because of the massive amount of comments they receive? That they just don't time time for it?

Like I said before, I do agree with them in blocking totally negative comments, aka death threats, and crap like that. Like things that are hurtful, but when it comes to open expression of opinion, I think that should be left in the community. Furthermore, with that being said, I understand that in YouTube, you have creative control over what your channel stands for. However, censorship peoples opinions is a bit much. If your channel is just to admire you, that's crap. Anyway, who were you before Youtube and how did your ego get so big, that no one can express themselves on your channel!

Furthermore, I believe that blocking an individual actually creates a worse situation than already out there. People feel like blocking is extreme way of treating a situation and is blocking somewhat aggressive. Why would a Gurus do that to a loyal subbie? I think it's better that we come up with personal solutions to these negative comments like yeah that's your opinion or something funny. Don't just block somebody, for something silly. Or better yet, just don't feed into it.

Lastly why, I think that this is kind a controversial, but I think that when you block the somebody, you know it makes them going a little rant, which in turns you know draws more people into your page think about it. People love drama. Plus, they board cast your channels name to all their subbies. But is this the reason why some beauty gurus "like" blocking, a way to draw people in. Things like this will only leave people hating your media, it's the cheapest way to get views. By controversy or negativity.

But if it works for Lady Gaga Eminem and Madonna, hey, it should work for you too. ^.^ P.S. I love <--- them! lol Do you think about of these blocking Gurus? Do you think that they should allow individuals to express their personal opinion? Do you think that this is a way to create controversy controversial expression in bring traffic to their site? Or you think this should be broken within the community or do you just not think anything at all? Post response below, Thank you! P.S I won't block you, if you don't agree. ;P Follow my blog with Bloglovin