Makeup Allusion Tricks!

Makeup Allusion Tricks! Yep, this are some of the best tricks you can do to give a total makeover.

White Eyeliner in the water line. Nothing makes the eyes look bigger.
You can than contour underneath the white line with a brown pencil or power.

Fake eye lashes are great for making the eyes really pop. Their are so many different ways that you can apply many to create a varied of different looks.

Highlight with a little white shimmery white power in the tear duct comers of your eyes and in cupids bow, the place under your nose where your lips dip.

Contouring and highlight, if you are a master at this, the makeup world is your for the taking. It depends on your face shape. It's great for different character transformation.

Highlight the corners of your eyes with a shimmer power, to achieve the doe eyed look.

Likewise you can use this same technique to highlight your cupids bow. This creates larger looking lips.

Circle lens, are contact lens, that enhance the eye. They can change the color, make the eye appearance bigger and even give that doll like look.

Brushes are so much better than your finger tips or makeup sponges. With the excision of the beauty blender of course.

The eyebrow make the face, have these baby done professional. It makes a huge different. Also, invest in a great power for filling them in.

Add a bit of shimmer to the middle part of your lid.

These are some great tricks are there are so many more to come this list is on going...