WildFox Couture

I have been loving the WildFox Couture clothes! They are so cute! They are a bit pricing (*Cough *Cough Okay, a little more than a little bit Avg $130 per item), but I feel like they are worth it. Plus, they have sales. They had their first online one not long ago. Anywho, they style of clothes is pretty unique. They describe themselves as Vintage Inspired Clothes for Dreamers. Wildfox Couture was created by Emily Faulstich and Kim Gordon in LA.
There are five different collection by them so far. Foxercise,Barbie Dreamhouse, Holiday, Sense & Eccentricity and Rainbow Dream Girls.

What I like about them, is their bright pastel colors. Some of their clothes show cute characters, and pop art graphics. L-O-V-E it.

Below are a couple examples of their clothes,

WildFox Couture

Wildfox slim fit sweater
$220 - jades24.com

Wildfox green top
$210 - jades24.com

Wildfox pattern sweater
$140 - yoox.com

Wildfox mesh top

Wildfox top
$155 - donnaida.com

Wildfox white top

Wildfox socks
$37 - nordstrom.com

Just really cute! I really like the Reindeer sweater, and I am planing on getting one. What do you guys think are they worth the price?